Weekend Recap: Things End

July 17, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Disclaimer: This post may be depressing so if you are in a cheery mood you shouldn’t read it.

Friday: On a spur went camping in the woods.


  • Had lunch with Robert Scoble, talked about new media delivery. Some interesting things going on over at podtech.net
  • Met with some young programmers who are developing a new site for localized communities
  • Played tennis with Nat Turner of VideoEgg
  • Went to Berkeley with Shivani and had sushi

Sunday: Volunteered at the SF Aids Walk for the 3rd year with my HFG Consulting crew

Wow this sounds so happy. Noah you are such a kidder about this post being depressing. Yes, I did an annoying third person reference:) Anyways, my dog died on Saturday. That sucks. Pebbles was with us for 15 years. Got her randomly at the Sacramento river. I am not writing this to solicit sympathy and comments which you know I love.


I guess it is to highlight again how things come and go in our lives. My job came and left me, my gut came back and will hopefully be leaving again, and even the Aids walk was was set up and taken down without a trace in a few hours. Nothing is really permanent. Overall just appreciate life, yadda yadda yadda. You heard it before, I am just reminding you…

This week is people experience week. Talking about ways to make businesses and websites better for the people using them.