WDYDAD? Noah Kagan, Over-Employed

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I was brushing my teeth last week and I thought about how many times people asked me while at Intel, Facebook and now: what do you do all day (wdydad)? This is a great small talk or interview question that allows the other person to really explore/reflect on what they hell they are doing all day. There is another site called wdydwyd, why do you do what you do. Great site, you should check it out. Anyways I thought we can spend this week looking at a few friends of mine in different fields and let them answer wdydad…

Person: Me
Job: Over-Employed

9am: Wake up to the Von Bondies and mom yelling at me to get a real job.
9:05-10am: Eat Special-K with strawberries (only 2 weeks 2 a smaller waist) while checking emails, yahoo finance and bloglines.
10am-10:10am: Brush my teeth, put on deodorant and grab whatever clothing I find in my closet.
10am-12pm: Research for my new business endeavours, write up some ideas & post a new entry.
12-1pm: Go for a lunch meeting with a friend/vc/start-up/business person/etc…
1-1:06pm: Get nervous about what’s happening the rest of the week, if my ideas/projects are going to work & whether my gf is happy.
1:07-1:10pm: Drink a delicious Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks. Seriously, go try one and let me know what you think.
1:10-1:30pm: Plan out the latest entrepreneur27 events.
1:30-2pm: Chat with companies regarding consulting, jobs and product strategy.
2-4pm: More responding to emails, reading bloglines, planning and executing projects, checking out girls who walk by Starbucks and then looking at pictures of my gf out of guilt:)
4-5pm: Phone call with random person for business stuff.
5-6pm: Planning out ideas, writing, research. Damn it doesn’t seem this boring when I am really in the day.
6-8pm: Play a game of tennis or bike riding around town.
8-8:30pm: Make a bowl of Wolfgang Puck’s delicious tomato soup and a turkey sandwich. Try not to get crumbs on the counter or finger-prints on the microwave.
8:30-10pm: Work on my projects, make phone calls to people and clean my room again before I get yelled at.
10pm+: Go drinking, bowling, movies, relaxing, television or reading.

This was kind of uninteresting to write. Was it interesting to read? Wdydad? Put your answer on your site or in the comments.

Tomorow you are getting the story of a teacher by day and bar tender by night…

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7 responses to “WDYDAD? Noah Kagan, Over-Employed

  1. Jason Reply

    I think it is actually pretty interesting. You should publish the findings in a book for college students, so they can know what to expect from the “real world.” I will record my life today. It would give me an idea why I am so tired.

  2. noah Reply

    scott have you ever tried one? go try it and then come talk to me. i bet you are one of those guys who talks all tough but drinks smirnoff ice secretly in your beadroom:)

  3. Scott Reply

    I actually have a secret stash of cosmopolitan ingredients under my bed so I can make one (or five) while I’m watching Sex & the City. This is, of course, after I’ve spent an hour deciding what I’m wearing the next day.

    (I kid.)

  4. Shivani Reply

    I don’t really know if things are all that interesting on a day to day basis. I think the end product or what you are working towards is a lot more interesting. researching, planning, and executing projects means nothing if the project is no good.

    So, I guess my question is, what exactly do you do as an overemployed person?

  5. joe Reply

    is WDYDAD the predecessor of ADIDAS? i liked reading it. at first i was creeped out by the fact you also like chai lattes, but i’ve decided to chalk it up to a ‘great minds think alike’ kind of thing.