Sunday Full Belly Recap

July 3, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

It was my mom’s bday tonight so we went to a restaurant called 3 Degrees in Los Gatos. The food was quite amazing but the service was horrendous. Well it made me wonder and ask my parents.

noah kagan and parents

Would you rather go to a restaurant with a) Great Food with Bad Service OR b) Bad Food with Great service? I personally go to the great food. It is one of my longterm beliefs that great products always win out.

Anyways, I am really uncomfortably full and had another exciting thing for you. Treo Demolition Week. If any of you had the unfortunate experience of talking with me on the phone you know about the buzzing, dropped calls and “can you hear me nows.” Finally, I got a new phone and you can hear the great quality with my latest cast of pods done with my man Devin. Anywho where I need your help is:

I don’t want to curse another person with the phone so I am going to demolish it. You tell me which way:

1- Baseball Bat

2- Throw off a building

3- Drive over with my car

4- Drag behind my bicycle

5- None of the above. Fill in…

Voting ends Wednesday night. Photos and demolition to come Friday. This week is still Marketing and Relationship week. Just thought I would spice it up a notch. Oh, also I will start highlighting what I am doing full-time this week and next. Wow this was long. If you made it this far and email me the phrase “keeping it real” I will mail you a dollar cause you are special.

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11 responses to “Sunday Full Belly Recap

  1. Noah Winecoff Reply

    I would go with choice A as well for 2 reasons:
    1) Good service does not make bad food taste good
    2) I don’t feel obligated to tip for bad service. I tip based on performance, not because its the socially “moral” thing to do. Now if the waitress is hott, then that changes everything.

  2. joe Reply

    if i evoke the true spirit of noah i would opt for good food/bad service: it’s a win-win situation because my mouth is happy (good food) and my wallet is too (didn’t have to tip the crappy waiter)
    on the other end of the spectrum (where i usually live) i would opt for bad food/good service. you’re gonna poop it out anyways and *memories last forever.* but seriously, you pay for entertainment (i.e. movies, amusement parks, lap dances etc.) and good service is pretty dang entertaining.

    5. put it in a flaming bag of poo and set it on someone’s doorstep.

  3. Lora, Associate Rock Star Reply

    I was actually just debating the food/service quality issue with some friends two nights ago. For the most part, I’ll go with the good food/bad service, because the vast majority of places these days will do to-go orders. I even found a Thai place that will make Thai iced teas to-go. Yum…

    I say, drag the thing behind your car (wait, is voting still on?). That’s what it sounded like whenever I was on the phone with you, anyway. 🙂