If you Don't Read this Post you will Die

July 3, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Okay, well that is not entirely true but I wanted to get your attention for a good reason. Since this is marketing and relationship week I wanted to highlight two important things when trying to get people’s attention and keeping it.

1- The Title is Everything. Click your mouse twice if you use a blog reader. As I scrolled through my 300+ subscriptions I felt overwhelmed by the amount of articles and realized two things.

I need to unsubscribe 150 times from okdork.com. Secondly and more importantly is that I scan every article and stop at interesting titles. Yes, I have a favorites folder and give those people a little more slack but in general the better the title the better my chance in reading it. What are my suggestions on creating a great title:

1- Make it unique: great marketing tips or the greatest marketing tip ever written

2- Make it bold: things to do in Canada or 5 things to do in Canada before you die

3- Make it super long or super short: I really want to write about some companies that aren’t doing so well or Google’s Suicide

4- Numbers are helpful: interesting to read or 5 great books to read

5- Be specific: yummy delis in California or amazing delis in California for pregnant nurses

examples: techcrunch, readwriteweb, valleywag & seth godin

2- KIS. Keep it short. If I said I would give you free money would you take it? Hopefully yes unless you are a good friend and realize I have no job:) Anyways, in yesterday’s post if you made it through the whole thing, it said to email me and get $1. That’s it. Easier than panhandling. Only a few did it which I expected from the experiment. If I kept the entry short I would have gotten a higher response rate. I learned in business school that every word counts, so get to the point.

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14 responses to “If you Don't Read this Post you will Die

  1. Devin Reply

    Are you sure the $1 response rate was because of the long article? Or was it because not enough people found a buck worth the time or email?

    That’s my reasoning for not replying. If you said $20, that’d be a different story…

  2. noah Reply

    Emailing me would take around 20 seconds. Extrapolating that out is an hourly rate of $180/hour. Damn I guess it is not worth your time. In general the issue is people don’t read that far, don’t care or don’t think it’s real.

    When I met Bill Gates I asked him the question I read in my econ book about is it worth his time to pick up a $100 bill. He didn’t answer yes or no but declared his worth is linear so at different times he may be inclined to get that Benjamin. He was brilliant!

  3. Devin Reply

    Sure, it’s $180/hr projected out like that, but it’s still only ONE. I can save a dollar by driving an hour slower on the highway on my next trip to Denver..

  4. Michael M. Reply

    Omit Needless Words.

    A lesson I’ve learned the hard way again and again and again. But I found that, if you send an e-mail out to anyone other than an old lady, you better get your message across in the subject line or else forget it.

    For weeks, I sent out detailed memos on what our project team needed to get accomplished, when we were meeting, etc. etc. etc., and gnashed my teeth as nobody ever responded. Started writing e-mails with subjects like “Meeting Tuesday at 5 p.m.” and stuff started getting done.

    Strunk and White are invaluable teachers.

  5. joe Reply

    Dude, his worth is NOT linear.

    It’s been a year since we talked about this over ping-pong and you still say it backwards. At least now I know it’s not due to the beer…

  6. Rakesh Reply

    Excellent post but i want to take your attention that Title is everything is true but it will only allows the reader to wait and read further but as soon the visitor read the content and doesnot like it or it is not sound then he will leave it immediatedly. Title will only grab the attention of visitor but if content is not convincing the you are going to loose the same visitor next time.