Breaking: Google Launches Checkout and the 10 people in the blog world go crazy

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It is amazing how when Google sneezes the world goes crazy. Albeit this is a pretty big deal. The Launch of Google Checkout. I can just hear the sounds coming from the Bose Speakers. Is finally someone competing with Paypal? Regardless more competition is always good for me and you.

google checkout

Google right now really focused the product on merchants and buyers. Basically providing “the” system to go to many sites and buy things using Google. The service also works with adwords as Charlene Li did a good job explaining.

This reminds me of another scary thing: Microsoft Passport. Remember that? I know I am relatively young but it was Microsoft’s approach in getting all consumers to use Microsoft to access everything they wanted on the net. Creating a toolbooth of sorts. Anyways this seems more and more the progression Google is headed with a product like this. When does the non-techy/envy people backlash happen? Aka when does mainstream society start caring?

Sorry for the interruption and will continue our regular posting in a few hours.

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5 responses to “Breaking: Google Launches Checkout and the 10 people in the blog world go crazy

  1. Mike Reply

    I think it is pretty clear what is happening here, Goolge is slowly taking over the world. No, really, they are! Okay, I guess they are really indexing the world so they can become the best marketing and advertising firm in the world, but I think they are slowly moving away from the do no evil policy.

  2. Danny Sullivan Reply

    Nice headline, sure to get some buzz, but c’mon. You point at our story (actually, you should have pointed at our current story here, and say we’ve gone crazy? It a pretty straightforward look at the new system. What, did ya think we should just ignore someone like Google launching a new system like this. That would be crazy. Google doing something like this is far more than a sneeze. Whether they will be successful remains to be seen, but acting like this isn’t a big deal just to sound different? Please.

  3. Noah Kagan Reply

    hey chris,

    the wrong link happened at 4am and i apologize. its not safe for me to be working before 10am. i did not mean to offend you in anyways. and yes this is a huge deal with google launching checkout. i have been reading you for 3 years so i want to make sure i don’t piss you off. the only issue i have with others (not yourself since you focus on google/seo/etc..) is when google does anything most bloggers talk so much about it. ie. google adds a delete button in gmail. it’s there right and there is nothing wrong with that. i guess it would be nice to have 1 source and read more interestings ideas/thoughts from people. I repointed to the correct article as I thought I did previously. Bottomline: this is a big play for Google and it will be interesting to see adoption and where it goes…

  4. Angie Chang Reply

    I agree. When will the real world care, and why am I watching 10 bloggers do the wave over this SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR? And when will I hear about Google’s mega-wealthy founders donating millions to help the rest of the world, not their own employees? Hm??