Day 3 Sites that Make you Say DAMN: MyBlogLog Buzz

June 28, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Another damn I had that idea but didn’t execute is MyBlogLog Buzz. The companies original site tracks link which to me is eh-right. The cool thing they have done with Buzz is solved my ever lasting problem of WHO READS MY SITE! I know you don’t care and I can always see who comments but I really want to know everyone else is reading the site.
mybloglog buzz

Some great reviews of the site on mashable & breebop.
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6 responses to “Day 3 Sites that Make you Say DAMN: MyBlogLog Buzz

  1. Damon Zuman Reply

    This BlogBuzz seems to be a powerful marketing tool. I just visited the website and it reminded of an article I read ago. The main point of it was that extra clicks were deadly (for e-businesses). In this case, I find it hard to bring myself to register. Will I register or not? Join us next time on an episode of Damon Zuman :).

  2. will Reply

    This is an interesting new model of marketing that is emerging. . . it used to be that you ID a segment and than figure out a way to market to them. . . today. . . you literally find a community (not just a segment) and find ways to co-opt/leech (by no means in a bad way, like those fish that lives with sharks no quite sybiotic but not harmful) growth through that community. . . there are a lot of players trying to do that on Myspace (youtube/slide/filmloop/photobucket). . . I think this is the next evolution. . . to leverage micro communities around small websites . . . there is a business opportunity here thats even bigger than mybloglog. . . I’ll have to sleep on this…

    great site btw. . . interesting insights not on other blogs. . .