Day 2 Sites that Make you Say DAMN: Postbubble

June 27, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I (Hiten Shah) am sure that everybody out there has been watching how fast things move in the internet space. We’ve been watching too but watching just hasn’t been fun. We have been dying to say a lot and nobody else seems to be saying what really needs to be said.


This is what inspired us to start Postbubble. We write about real business models, revenue models, marketing, and how companies make real money. It’s too easy in this industry to get caught up in the 2.0 of everything. Even though business is changing, fundamentals have not. Our aim at Postbubble is to bring the business back into business 2.0. Which companies will succeed, what companies will fail and why? What else can they do to make things happen?

These are the questions we are trying to address and our ultimate goal is to say what nobody else has the guts to say. We aren’t trying to break the news and we aren’t trying to get the scoop. At Postbubble we are trying to bring these things to the surface so entrepeneurs, bloggers, enthusiasts, geeks, nerds, average joe’s, and everybody else can get an idea of what is going on and why. This is our goal at Postbubble.

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4 responses to “Day 2 Sites that Make you Say DAMN: Postbubble

  1. Fred Reply

    Postbubble rocks. You can call me a partisan because they were nice to my company, but they are one feed that I actually read every day. They’ve got something really special going on there. As other Web 2.0 sites turn to just report the funding train, its nice to find a site that is actually analyzing ideas, and doing it quite well.