Day 1 Sites that Make you Say DAMN: PhoneBackr v 1.0

June 26, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

You guys/girls voted and for this week you will get a site a day that is pretty cool that you probably aren’t using. The problem I have realized lately is there is TOO much information available and not a good enough filter to provide just what’s important in a relevant time period.I am going to try and solve that problem with a newsletter. Subscribe here, free for the next 2 weeks. Okay enough plugging and on to the good stuff:


This service mashes up a Yahoo Map and a reverse phone look-up. It means you can type in ANYBODYS phone # and see where they are. It works relatively well and is useful for being a stalker. So you have MySpace, Facebook and now the really creepy tool called PhoneBackr.

Try it on yourself, ex-gfs, bosses, etc… The overall idea of this service will be useful when you can see where your friends are on a Saturday night and see if anything cool is happening. This will likely come from a social network and not this particular site…
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s damn that is a cool site series day 2.

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3 responses to “Day 1 Sites that Make you Say DAMN: PhoneBackr v 1.0

  1. Joe Reply

    This site DOES NOT WORK. I tried it several times 2 days in a row and it didnt work. Gave me areas I never even heard of.

  2. Sam Reply

    Joe – did you even read the website? on the front page they warn “We fully expect your mileage to vary and we do not guarantee the results of this tool.”

    PhoneBackr uses “search” to simulate the reverse phone lookup and when that fails they use your area code and prefix to guess. FYI area code and prefixes are very sketchy for cellular phones as well as phone numbers that have been moves by the owners.

    In any case, while it may not have worked for you, it did work for me. no i didn’t get correct results on my cell phone, nor on my home phone (but it did get the city right) .. but for three (out of four) businesses i tried phonebackr got the results dead on.

    JOE – THIS SITE DOES WORK (SOMETIMES) (which is what they claim)