Life Advice from my Stepdad

June 13, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Now that I am a “free-agent” as some of my friends call me I am talking with different companies, startups, entrepreneurs, clowns & some personal reflection time..

My mom is really concerned as I moved back home about what is going to happen next. Honestly, I am too some of the time. However my stepdad had an interesting thing to say to me:

“If success were easy than everyone would do it.”

I wasn’t expecting anything like that from him. A lifetime engineer who has had a successful career and raised I think some pretty good kids aka me:) I am not even sure what I want you to take away from it but I think it just highlights that nothing is easy.

I can say so far this time alone is much more exciting and scary than you’d expect. I will continue documenting what I end up doing and how I end up doing it.

The one question I have for everyone is: What is Success?

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11 responses to “Life Advice from my Stepdad

  1. kareem Reply

    Success == happiness.

    How do you define happiness?

    Flexibility of schedule, location, or work? Money? Ability to travel? Being surrounded by loved ones? Learning? Working with smart people? Changing the world?

    Different for everyone… I don’t think there is a universal def’n of happiness.

  2. Jason Fang Reply

    I’ll have to defer to Guy Kawasaki and say that success is being able to say that you’ve improved something with your work. Unfortunately, oftentimes that doesn’t come accompanied with the feedback necessary for ascertaining that impact…

  3. Paul Reply

    Success, IMO, is giving back to those who helped you throughout your life and helping those who have nowhere else to turn to – success is when the focus of your life shifts away from you.

  4. noah Reply

    i regularly say i want to make an impact or leave a ‘legacy’ before i die. but isn’t affecting one person just as much as affecting a group of people. the idea you really touched or changed a persons life is really wonderful. only then a cynic would say you do that just to feel good about something.

    okay that was lame. anyways, i think success is measuring up to what you set out for yourself.

  5. Ben Reply

    A friend of mine from high school has had the same AIM profile since 7th grade, and it’s a quote attributed to Bob Dylan:

    “When a man wakes up in the morning, goes to sleep at night, and in between does what he wants to do – that is success.”

    So whatever it is you want to do, just do it – Nike has been right all along 🙂

  6. Dan Marques Reply

    Success is a journey, not an endpoint, at least from my perspective. It is a mindset and as you attain certain milestones (financial, personal, educational) it is just one marker on your journey. I think those who are truly successfuly always remain “hungry” and looking for new ways to grow, explore, and provide value to the world around them.

  7. david askaripour Reply

    Success is what you make it. Success is that inexplicable feeling you get inside your belly when something really excites you; something that you feel that you have attained in life. Success isn’t something that can be measured, it’s on ongoing cycle with ups and downs, bends and curves. Just keep on living out the things that make you happy in life and things will always fall into place. Keep on moving, dude!

  8. Bjorn Reply

    IMO, I think success links alot to the nature of your motivation. Whether you are internally motivated or one who lives on external influence and motivations.

    Success, to me, cannot be self-defined. Once defined, and achieved, you might lose your motivation in life to excel. Its like a carrot that forever dangles in front of us and god forbid should I ever be despondent in life because I am not chasing something to sustain my existence. Its that elusiveness that makes it all the more precious. And I think success can only be achieved on hindsight, when you depart this world knowing that you have done your best for society or even that one thing that made someone else’s life better.

    Well, if you are one who thrives on external influences, success will come in many forms and frequently. In that case, it doesn’t really matter how its defined because others will do the work for you.