Boompa: Great Entrepreneur Read

June 12, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

You may have heard of a new social network for cars, Boompa. Semi-yawn. Anyways, the really interesting thing about these two entrepreneurs is their story about making the site. More and more I am realizing business people are less useful and great thinkers are quite useful. If you want to start a business, kill sometime in the bathroom or just like reading good stories read how they left Cnet to develop this business:

boompa logo


Highlights include:

  • Going to a bookstore to see which magazines have a lot of publications but a weak online presence. Realizing they can get ad dollars from those companies.
  • Calling competitors to see how much they are charging for ad space and availability.
  • Outsourcing legal and business creation work to lawyers to save time.
  • Not taking any VC money until the business has grown.
  • Locating near a college area for possibly cheap labor.

The company got bashed in the comments for many things but I respect these guys for analyzing, preparing and creating. I think most of the haters are jealous. One of my only suggestions that I have learned from my free time is choosing or creating something you are really passionate about which I didn’t get from this business.

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3 responses to “Boompa: Great Entrepreneur Read

  1. Fred Reply

    I’m very positive on this concept. When I was in high school I sold high-end car audio – I’ve seen car love first hand. This is an object and content-centric social net – makes sense on both ends. If they do it right these guys will have a hit on their hands.