Day #4 Underemployed

June 8, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I know my last post was suspenseful. I wasn’t sure how to word things correctly so I kept it simple. What is up with Noah now? Great question. I am not sure. Why don’t you tell me what sounds the most interesting?

1- Write an eBook about my experiences at Facebook.

2- Throw a few ads on this site and write more things online. (would you guys mind?)
3- Start my own business

4- Work at a start-up

5- Work at a larger company

Right now I am just exploring options, considering what I want to do in the next few years and trying not to rush into anything new.
If you want to help me or if I can help you with work/ideas/projects/introductions to companies or people please let me know.

Thanks a lot for the comments, emails and general support. It does mean a lot to me. I think the main thing I realize is that everyone is always trying to figure out what to do with their lives. I am at an intersection and the next steps are going to be quite interesting…

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17 responses to “Day #4 Underemployed

  1. Eric A. Reply

    Dude, dont advertise. Start a company, but dont work at a startups. Startups are for vc’s and launch parties and unrealistic business models. Start something your passionate about, and the rest will follow.

  2. david askaripour Reply

    Now is the time to really open your mind and explore all possibilities. Don’t force anything, just take the time to really think and focus on where to go next with your life. Sometimes things happen in life that we can’t explain; you leaving facebook may be a blessing in disguise. Stay positive. Stay motivated. And never, never give up on your dreams in life – you’re an entrepreneur! and never forget that!

  3. Hollyster Reply

    I think you should do option #6, yup it’s not there cause I’m going to make it up for you. I think you should do a social experiment where you live your life through this blog. It’s like Ed TV (with a little bit of American Idol thrown in there) for the blogosphere. You blog your life and your readers and/or the blogosphere determine your path. You’re off to a great start with this post. I’d like to weigh in on your decision for buying a car when that happens 😉 j/k

  4. Mike Barron Reply

    Ads wouldn’t be bad at all, especially if they are obviously ads (i.e. not mixed in with your content, but off to the side). eBook could be good, if you’re motivated… writing acan be painful.

    If you can swing the financial uncertainty then I would go for the start-up and only fall back on a more corporate culture if necessary.

  5. Jason Fang Reply

    (to add to that last comment…)
    You remain one of the people I have really high expectations for, primarily because you’ve got both the sharps and the passion to create something big. And you’ve been taking other people along for the ride as well…something that I’ve appreciated a lot.

  6. Joe McCarthy Reply

    I’m glad you’re not rushing into anything … I think it’s important to allow time for a transition. I found blogging about my last transition to be very therapeutic. If you are going to take the startup route, you might want to team up with one or two others who share your passion but bring different skills, experiences and perspectives … I’ve found solo entrepreneurship to be very lonely at times.