Bad Name Interesting Idea: Umundo

June 8, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I just saw which is horrible name but the idea is kind of clever.

umundo logo

1- Send a video from your phone to

2- Go to and enter in your phone #

3- Watch the video and get the code to share your video

After reading smartmobs while on vacation I am really psyched about mobile applications. I think this one is not revolutionary but quite cool. Some suggestions on how to make the site better:

  • Show recent examples on the homepage
  • Integrate with Youtube
  • Create more ways to share videos.

One easy question most will ask is. How is this different than YouTube? The only answer I can think of is you don’t have to register. Will anyone use this?

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2 responses to “Bad Name Interesting Idea: Umundo

  1. jc Reply

    what i really want is to be able to send voicemails to a site where it can be stored or have them emailed to me. I get some wonderful/halarious messages on my phone sometimes and I wish I could save it somewhere so that i can listen to them whenever I want to or attach it to a blog or whatevers.