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Ever wonder how much your blog is worth? Hello, name is Dane Carlson, and I’m filling in for Noah today. Like David, I’m addicted to entrepreneurship, and you may know me from the Business Opportunities Weblog. Today I’d like to talk about a little but very popular and profitable webpage I built last year called How Much is Your Blog Worth? This post will show you one of the most successful viral campaigns.

As most of you know, last October Weblogs, Inc. was bought out by AOL. Weblogs, Inc. pulled in a cool $35 million from the deal. A blog’s biggest asset is arguably the amount of incoming links it has from other sites. This gives both readers and search engines more ways to find the website which can have a significant impact on readership. A couple days after the sale went public, Tristan Louis posted an article breaking down the number of incoming links the Weblogs, Inc. sites had according to Technorati and then came up with a dollar value for each of those based on the thirty five million dollars from AOL.

I saw this article and immediately thought it would be fun to put together a widget that took the math from Tristan’s article and allowed users to apply it to their own blogs to see how much their blogs might be worth in a similar buy out.

The genius of my idea was that not only could the user look up their “blog worth”, but it also provided them with a little HTML code so that they could put a banner on their blog showing off it’s dollar value. This is what Noah means when he says “Make your customer orgasm” Plus, there was also a link in each of these banners that allowed other people to come back to my site to look up their own worth.

This was a simple little idea built off Tristan’s math and Technorati’s API… and it exploded!

Blog Worth Traffic

It took a couple weeks, but with literally no promotion on my part — I linked to it from my blog and from my account — everyone was talking about it. Blogs from all over the world began putting it on their site and linking back to my site. (How to contact bloggers for promotion.) I began seeing it travel through different circles on the web until I assumed it must have blanketed the entire blogosphere. Even today, six months later, it’s still going: Technorati reports that it’s received 20 new links in the last 9 hours. (Learn SEO for Dummies)

To date Technorati has logged well over 11,000 links to the blog worth page from other blogs and Google has catalogued over 20,000 incoming links. The Business Opportunities Weblog has also been in Technorati’s top 10 most popular blogs for over five months now and my own “Blog Worth” went from $125,327.88 to $6,619,796.04.

So is this the most successful viral campaign ever? You tell me.

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