New Facebook Feature: Photo Flyers

May 19, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I know you want me to write about how rich Michael Arrington is or what start up will go down in flames but I wanted to highlight a project I got to work on. We just launched Photo Flyers on Facebook so you can now choose themes and photos when you purchase a Flyer.

marti photo flyer

New features include:

  • Themes with the cute icons on the bottom right: Birthday, Romantic, For Sale & Graduation
  • Ability to use friends profile picture, choose from your albums or upload from your computer
  • Local advertisers can finally see their Flyer on the live site. Before they just trusted us. Don’t worry I am an Eagle Scout.

And we did not change prices. What more could you want for graduation present? The person who does something cool in my comments section will get some free Flyer credit from me.

Great work: J, K, W, J, N & R. Full names hidden for ninja security purposes.

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6 responses to “New Facebook Feature: Photo Flyers

  1. Eric A. Reply

    Now all you have to do is better differentiate flyers from all the other adverts that are in the same area. Ive learned to ignore that area.

  2. Dan Reply

    Are you worried that these new flyers will makes the advertisement flyers less effective? I think Eric hit in on the head – if people tend to ignore that area anway, will these personal flyers make the problem worse?