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What you need

Well you probably don’t want it but you may have questions you want me to write about. I know this is really boring and you are skipping to your next site but if you want me to write about my love life, about a particular company or anything, leave it in the comments section. When I get back from vacation I will post about it.
What I want

I am going away on vacation next week and want some recommendations on books to read. I am currently bring with me

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13 responses to “Help me Help you

  1. kareem Reply

    next week, huh? guess you won’t be around to hang on memorial day wknd 😉

    two of the best books i’ve ever read are:
    – maverick by ricardo semler, and
    – get back in the box, by douglas rushkoff

    where you going in europe?

  2. Sean Tierney Reply

    Michael Crichton’s latest one “State of Fear” is pretty good if you like his stuff. I just read Guy Kawasaki’s “Art of the Start” which is money if you’re doing a startup. Jim Collins’ “Good to Great” is in progress now and is interesting. Clayton Christiensen’s “Innovator’s Solution” is dense but a very solid read. Haven’t read many leisure books lately but those are all good reads.


  3. Rohail Reply

    Being that you’ve worked with Facebook, perhaps you could post about what you’ve learned as to what’s most important when growing a start-up and how to scale when dealing with specific audience units, namely individual colleges.


  4. Rich Reply

    House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski – Kudos to you if you find a hardcover copy.

    The Lucifer Principle by Howard K. Bloom – It helps if you have a small bit of genetics knowledge

    A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin

    Have a nice trip.

  5. Noah Brier Reply

    Marshall McLuhan – Understanding Media (It will blow you away . . . it’s all about the internet, only it was written in the 70’s)

    Steven Johnson – Interface Culture


  6. ang*e Reply

    I read Microsurfs and it was kinda painful cuz it’s like holy cow that is my life now and I don’t know if I like it! Anyway, I heard Smartmobs is a good one too. Have fun on holiday!