Michael Arrington of Techcrunch.com is a Millionaire!

May 15, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

As much as people criticize or adore the articles and insights that come from Techcrunch I just realized that he makes bank. And by bank I mean he is raking in around $85,000 a month. This seems AMAZING for a person who writes on a blog also known as an online diary to generate that much money.

How does he make so much (he is smiling above from making so much money):

1- 4 Sponsored locations on the homepage

4 x $7,500 month = $30,000 month

2- Google Ads

Monthly Reveune = Unknown

3- FMPublishing advertisement sales on the blog Estimated monthly traffc 3 million page views

Cost per 1,000 page views

  • 120×600 ($20)
  • 125×125 ($10)
  • Text ad ($300 per week)

Estimated Revenue @ $5 cpm = $15,000 month

4- Consulting and venture sponsorship

Monthly Revenue = Unknown but a lot.

Total Monthly Revenue = ~$85,000+

Yearly Revenue = $85,000 * 12 = $1,020,000

A few questions this may rise. How accurate are these #s? How much action does he get from women with that bankroll? How did I think about ths ( I was bored and checked his advertising page which got me thinking). Why am I making $0 from my online journal? How can I make my blog make that much?

I don’t have answers to all of the questions but I know what helps Mike now stand out is he has a very valuable audience, is known for producing the news first and writes it in a way that most people can follow. What makes you unique?

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