Guts (part 1 of 2)

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Sometimes I regret majoring in business and I openly tell this to people who are planning on doing the same. Why? Because I always worried if I am taught the same way as all 500 people in my school than how am I suppose to stand out? I will be using the same formulas and strategies that everyone else is using. How do you succeed with that?


Gut. Your gut call sometimes makes sense. Would you invest in these ideas? I will tell you what they are afterwards:

1- People will pay for music that is 15 seconds long
2- People will pay much higher prices to save 1-5 minutes for food, household goods, etc…
3- People will pay you money to hurt themselves

There are more examples but I can’t think of them while I was in the airplane. So what are the three businesses? You can guess in the comments the 3 businesses and I will post the answers tomorrow…

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11 responses to “Guts (part 1 of 2)

  1. Derek Reply

    1 is clearly ring tones.
    2 maybe kwik-e-mart or drive through?
    3 boxing clubs?

    Also, all 500 people don’t get the same education, you take elective classes and do things outside of class that affect your business knowledge as much as class time. Your gut feeling is based a lot on this outside knowledge.

  2. Ben Casnocha Reply

    I never reccomend majoring in business. People should study what they can’t easily learn in the real world. Most of the key biz concepts can be picked up w/ practice and in books.

  3. Mark Reply

    I dont believe electives play a significant role in differentiating students. Most schools offer very few or limited electives. Also, If you graduated with 8,000 other people, I am sure there are a significant amount of people who took the exact same courses as you. I have to agree with Noah, each year thousands of students graduate with the same basic skills and knowledge so it is beyond difficult to set yourself apart. Essentially, you need to think outside of everything you were just taught for the last four years. Oh well, here is my guess:

    1. ringtones
    2. convenience stores
    3. paintball field?

    I think the keyword for number 3 is ‘themselves’, not other people hurting them, so I dont even think my answer is right

  4. Derek Punsalan Reply

    Ah. So you’re touching base on what you covered over lunch the other weekend. Yes, you’ve motivated me persue a degree in a field that I am confident can not be picked up in the real world. Basket weaving. 😉

    Street smart over book smart. Which will get you farther up the food chain?

    Anyway, on with the answers:

    1. Call back tones (Those worthless burn a hole in your pockets ringtones that callers hear).
    2. Self heating disposable everything.
    3. Bull fighting 😉

    Hit me up with that pic.

  5. jim Reply

    I think a more interesting question is what about those seemingly difficult to sell items makes them so popular? If ringtones is right for 1 and tattoos are right for 3, both businesses are selling you something that differentiates you from the other 500. 🙂 As for #2, they’re selling you time… a precious commodity.

  6. jc Reply

    you take electives or whatever classes that 500 other students take to get the fundamentals. The rest is all you. It’s the same as going to kindergarden, elementary school, and high school. What you learn there were the basics. And look how differently everyone turned out to be. What would you have majored in instead?