Summer Time Internship

April 24, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Too many way overqualified college students go work at underpaying and under-satisfying positions for 3 months of their lives. I want to change that for 1 person.

summer time

What am I offering?
An internship with me.

What does that entail? Lots of things: Researching ideas, developing some businesses, doing some writing, meeting with interesting people & gaining a lot of experience.

Why should anyone do it? Money of course is a part but more importantly experience

I have always felt that way too many young people were not given the recognition or credit for their skills.

What skills do I need to bring if I want the job?

-    Be able to program, if not it’s okay but if you can code it’s more appealing.
-    Have some idea what the latest websites are or at least be interested in learning.
-    A strong desire for technology, learning and having fun.
Was that generic enough for you? Preferably be in the Bay Area but location really doesn’t matter.

What next?

As I have said before resumes suck. So email me  or aim me your blog and a few sentences about something you created. I don’t care if it’s a desert or a website. Deadline for the position is 5/10/06.

PS. If you refer someone who is chosen you get either: a 3 month-link on my site or $50.