New Facebook Feature: Events & Groups Redesign

April 18, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

This may appear “whatevs” but we made some cool tweaks to both features to make them a lot more useful.

1- Photo Uploading: Now you can add all your student group photos or event photos on the site. You can even pull those photos from an album you uploaded to your profile.

2- Wall everywhere: Now you can comment on an event about why you are not coming, what you are bringing or anything you want to talk about.

3- Event invite tool is much sexier and easier to use. As well, events include more details about who is attending, maybe, not attending and so forth.

4- Discsussions: This was revamped from the ground up with meticulous detail to making it as user friendly as possible.

5- General Design Tweaks.

What do you think? Nice work Fuzz and crew…

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8 responses to “New Facebook Feature: Events & Groups Redesign

  1. Wen Reply

    Facebook is going to responsible for an entire generations drop in grade point average. Oh well, at least I have something to write a paper on if i go to grad school. Seriously, can you guys make it any more addicting?

  2. eddie Reply

    Did the email notification for posts on a group’s messageboard get turned off?

    I really liked that and think it would be a hassle to have to go to each group individually to see if anyone has posted anything on the messageboard.

  3. Dan Reply

    Yeah, I think the e-mail notification is gone… Unfortunate! Yeah, the group system really needed some attention, but that was one of the handiest features…

    Another unfortunate feature loss is the ability to hide group membership from the eyes of non-members. Many people, including myself, join some groups for the discussion alone and not because they align with the ideas behind the group. With the ability to hide membership, people are able to control the personal impression illustrated by their profile while maintaining the ability to keep up with discussions in other groups (through the e-mail alert system).

    Suddenly all of the groups I was hiding appeared on my profile, and a few of them were groups with which I really did not want to be personally associated! I just enjoyed following and contributing to the discussions. After all, where’s the fun in a message board if everyone sees eye-to-eye?

    Two suggestions to make the boards better:

    RSS feeds for discussion boards — If the issue with e-mail reminders is server load, then this option might be a remedy.
    A “My Discussions” section in the navigation — It would contain the latest discussions in which the user is participating. Maybe this feature/navigation item could either be enabled in the “options” section, or simply after the first time a user “subscribes to a thread.” This option might be superior to the RSS feeds option.

    Unfortunatly, most users don’t know how to properly title a thread, so the trucated snippet of the message body was actually pretty handy. After the redesign, all that displays on the group homepage are the post titles, which mostly include “. . .,” “uh huh,” “check this out,” etc… So I think it might be a good idea to put snippets back onto the group homepages, even if it’s just one line (which might be prettier). Maybe display more than three or four recent posts?

    Just my five or six cents, but I think these might be good ideas.

    With all that said… As a web developer, I’m a really big fan of Facebook. It’s so solid and has a great design! I do like the recent changes that have been made, and maybe these ideas would be reasonable for further improvement!


  4. Megan Reply

    The one thing that I’m really not liking at all is all the “randomness.” I can’t find any way to see a list of ALL the people I’m connected to at my school, just 10 random people in my network. I also can’t find a way to see all the groups at my school. There’s also no way that I can find in the search function to separate people in my school, and people in my entire network.

  5. Tim Swanson Reply

    I liked the added features, however, in general I really don’t join groups to actually discuss anything in them (i.e. I belong to 20 or so groups, but don’t like the feel of how there isn’t any type of nested cell system that traditional BB’s like phpBB provide – perhaps a permalink/blockquote system could be integrated).

    I’m sure you guys are mulling around lots of neat-o designs, however I do hope that you implement a roommate/room finding feature along with the ability to upload/search for jobs and resumes (take on both and


  6. Rich Reply

    overall, pretty good improvements. the one thing i have a problem with is that the new event invite system got rid of listing the person with their colleges in the selection list. and its also alphabetized by the first name which is just kinda weird. it’d be nice if you could see the college by the name before you select a person again.

  7. Dan Reply

    Honestly, the cosmetic changes to the groups feature are nice… But usuability wise, they went from decent to quite lame. I was having fun with them and I hope they become more useful again!