New Facebook Feature: Mobile

April 12, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

After months of development we have released Facebook Mobile to the wild. It is only available at select schools as we roll out the service. This is an exciting part for Facebook where students can now access their information wherever they are using text messaging. Some of the cool things you can do now:

1- Look you up your friends’ information while you are out on the go. Need their cell, major, etc…?

2- Add friends right as you meet them. Now using their name or email you can add that hottie you met at the bar or that study-buddy you met in class.

3- Receive full messages, pokes, wall-posts and friend requests where ever you go. One of the most requested things is to be notified when you receive messages and now you can.

4- Update your ‘Status’ and see what your friends are up to. Status is a new feature where you can choose to tell your friends what you are up to. You can do this on the website or from your phone. You can see what your friends are doing on the My Friends page (Status Updates) or from their profiles.

5- Check out people’s profiles from your phone. You know his name but do you know anything about them. All the same privacy rules apply.

Naomi and Mark were on the team with me and rocked out hard. They were scared of getting their names in this post but they just asked for it=)

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16 responses to “New Facebook Feature: Mobile

  1. Ian Sefferman Reply

    Cool, I was actually just thinking about this at a party this weekend as I tried to pull up Facebook on my BlackBerry (it wasn’t too bad, I managed to search for a user and add her as a friend). I would’ve definitely liked a mobile version. Glad you got to it around when I needed it!

    So, what schools is it open to? How’s it going to roll out?


  2. Shivani Reply

    freakin awesome addition. i won’t be using it because i get charged for text messages (that’s my service’s fault, not Facebook’s), but i really wasn’t expecting it to do so much. good job facebook people 🙂

  3. Brian Balfour Reply

    Hey Noah, have you guys thought about adding a feature where people can instantly add photos to their photo album from pictures taken on their phone?

    I know this has been done on some other sites but I have a feeling it would be very popular among facebook users.


  4. Derek Punsalan Reply

    Nice to see that Facebook has gone mobile. One more reason for students to stay on top of their cell phone bills. Those text message thing add up if your plan doesn’t have some sort of text message plan in place. 😉 Unless of course mom and pop are footing the bill…

    So is this stictly text message based? Or is there going to be a mobile web interface as well?

  5. Ryan Green Reply

    I was wondering where my Facebook Mobile went when you pulled that textmessaging feature awhile back. Now I see how awesome it has become. Expect lots of parents angry with their kids skyrocketing text-messaging rates (I still can’t believe that the US is the only country that charges for both sending AND receiving text messages, when it costs them literally nothing to do so on their network)

  6. eddie Reply

    I think this feature looks really cool but I have not been able to use it yet, because I broke my cell phone charger and had to order a new one.

    I am glad to see that there is a space for status on somebody’s profile now, because I was very disappointed when the away message went away.

  7. Noah Kagan Reply

    thanks for the comments on this everyone, really means a lot to me. wow that was cheesy. anyways, the reason it was removed was because there were no carrier relations in place so it couldn’t handle any volume. also wanted to change the feature set and focus on other things so they removed it. i am always open to suggestions / feedback on it so let me know.

  8. Rikin Reply

    I have a facebook account via the normal web method. Can I login into the mobile facebook using those details?