Carnival of Finance

April 3, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

After waiting 3 years I am finally hosting the carnival of finance. I was emailed over 2 billion submissions and in an effort of not sucking I am only displaying the top 8 posts. The other ones will just get links…


1- Yaro from Better Edit wrote about the Pareto Rule.
2- FMF wrote some tips for agreat 401K.
3- Debt Hater wrote how to climb out of your Grandaddy’s debt.
4- Madame X from My Open Wallet wrote a piece asking What makes you feel poor?
5- Nina from Sitting Pretty wrote a great piece on being a Late Adopter.
6- Jim from Bargaineering wrote an intersting piece how Student Loan Debt is An Investment.
7- Penny from Money and Values wrote a piece of about retiring early and financial independence.
8- Mike from SaveOnRefinance wrote a nice piece about Mortgage Refinancing.

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