The Intel vs. Facebook Challenge

March 30, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I am about to sleep but I just couldn’t resist from sharing this challenge. I want you to choose which scenario happened at Facebook and which at Intel. These are real life scenarios acted and lived out by myself.

Scenario #1: While browsing the web at work

  • 5:30pm, Noah is browsing the internet so happily
  • 5:32pm, Manager says to Noah, “hey why are you hear so late. Am I working you too hard”?
  • 5:33pm, Noah joyfully suggests he is finishing off stuff and goes back to web browsing.

Scenario #2: While watching the great 24 and going through work emails.

  • 3:20AM, Noah emails an employee asking for advice so he can fix something himself
  • 3:22AM, Employee responds with “Done. The problem is fixed. Did I earn my cookie now?”
  • 3:25AM, Noah emails back employee with “Good boy! What type of cookie you want?”

Which company is which scenario? It was just a striking thought on the cultures of two different companies. I could do more analysis on why companies behave differently but was hoping you could share your thoughts.

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11 responses to “The Intel vs. Facebook Challenge

  1. Peter Caputa Reply

    So obvious. Scenario #1 was Intel. No “startup” would ever ask an employee if they are overworked at 5:30 PM. Atleast not ones that think they are worth 2B with just a handful of employees who most likely have some stock options.

    Scenario #2 is obviously not Intel. All big companies never have people that get jobs done without trying to pass it on to someone else first.

  2. Bree Reply

    Scenario #2 is definitely Facebook – because a big corporate place like Intel would make you submit a ticket or something before fixing a problem.

  3. Shivani Reply


    If you want a large corporation to enjoy you spending time at odd hours working, join a big 4…you can work ALL you want, and they’ll love you for it!
    Don’t act like you didn’t love the free time at intel…remember all the HFG work you completed, or all your blog posts, or how many different projects you started in that one year? =)