The Power of Many + Creating something Crappy = Success

March 29, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I just wanted to highlight another product, well a movie that is getting tons of underground internet exposure because it is so crappy. It is called Snakes on a Plane. Not sure if I missed the boat and everyone knows about this but basically Samuel L Jackson is on a plane killing deadly snakes. Watching the trailer, I was expecting the MTV logo to appear or something letting me know it’s a joke. Well its not. Anyways, to the best of my knowledge Samuel L Jackson signed on, the producers wanted to change some things (including the title), word of this got out and the internet masses took over. Now this movie is going to make TONS of money because its so horrible its funny and the web attached to it like the memes of late. I wonder why something so horrible get’s so popular? Is it cause Samuel Jackson is a bad ass and no one was expecting him to sell out? Somebody help me on this one…

snakes on a plane

The trailer of Snakes on a Plane

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2 responses to “The Power of Many + Creating something Crappy = Success

  1. Darius Reply

    Actually, if you’ll check wikipedia ( the buzz IS spontaneous and organic, but it’s also recognized, and being motivated:

    “On March 16, 2006, New Line Cinema publicly announced a contest on TagWorld[4] and a website promoting the film.[5] The contest allowed artists on TagWorld to have their music featured on the movie, whose release date was set for August 18, 2006. ”

    You have to recognize this is not an independent product, it just fits into the meme consumption of facebooking teenyboppbers. (except… Tagworld. your competition. ouch?)

  2. Damon Z Reply

    Haha I’m glad they decided to reshoot the movie after the buzz cause the CGI on the snake looks terrible. Either way, you gotta love Samuel L. Jackson he can make anything fly :). Next movie, “Rats in Room!” “What! I had it with them M%$#@! rats!”