Small Business Marketing: 5 Super Cool Tricks for Startups

March 27, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

After the votes came in from my Next… article, the winner was startups and second place was “Fucked if that one guys leaves.” Here are small start up marketing ideas you may or may not have thought of to get exposure for a new startup:

1- AIM Icon: The more exposure you company can make and attention it can get the better. Tons of people comment on my Rose flower icon and what if your brand was my icon. Small idea but impactful.

2- AIM Info / Away message: People completely neglect this but it is ridiculous the amount of time people spend online checking each others away messages and aim info. If you can create an automatic link or away message that refers to your site it will definitely draw traffic.

3- Social Network super connected: This doesn’t pertain to any particular network but find the person with the MOST friends and hire them. Interesting huh? These people are clearly connected online and maybe offline (they could be friendless offline and do this to compensate =P). These people can easily message tons of people, put your brand on their profile/page and get you attention. Make sure to find people who fit what you are looking for, a person connected with emo music might not be great for your voip product.

4- MySpace badges: This is similar to #3 but creating badges from your site that people can place on their blogs, MySpace, xanga and other web environments. A great way to have your users market for you. This has to benefit the user, for example Flickr’s badge is perfect as I want to share my photos with friends and others can see what’s available at Flickr.

5- Relevant Stickers: This is creating very affordable stickers placed in strategic locations. If you are a new phone company think of something fun where people will want to place stickers on their cell-phones. A great example is 411-Metro who got their stickers on the back of ALL Yellow Cab cars in SF in exchange for free 411 service to Yellow Cab. Great deal huh, now I see them all over SF.

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