New Facebook Feature: Flyers

March 20, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I got to help work on Flyers and I am pretty pumped about it. We had announcements before where students and local businesses could advertise to targeted colleges and now we have improved that. What does that mean?


1- Now people can link the Flyer to their profile.

2- There is now a Flyer board so you can see all the Flyers that are live on the site.

3- Flyers now have a larger variety in pricing starting at $5.

Do you want to go to Kinko’s and spend $5 for 500 copies or Facebook Flyer where $5 get’s you 10,000 copies?

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6 responses to “New Facebook Feature: Flyers

  1. Scott Hurff Reply

    I just stumbled across that today — it looks like a simple, well-constructed feature that I may use for a certain project of mine ;).

    Haven’t seen you online yet, but you’re on my list.

  2. jeff hammerbacher Reply


    putting all the flyers in one spot is a great idea. the next step would be to allow more graphically interesting flyers, but the flyers board is a big improvement. another way to waste time.

  3. jeff hammerbacher Reply

    as an addendum to my above comment, i should point out that i think this is the first compelling new feature in facebook-land since photo sharing. the friend detail, social timeline, et al stuff is a bit of overkill. maybe if that data were private and didn’t need to be confirmed i’d use it, but probably not. i just don’t keep track of that many people, i suppose.

  4. Wen-Wen Reply

    Thats awesome. I think you should also work with music so you can be as cool as myspace, but then again, i have inside interests. and leverage.

  5. Brian Reply

    Some comments on Flyers:

    1) Wish there were more look-and-feel control over the Flyers. For instance, Adsense-style tweaking for foreground and background colors.

    2) It’d be nice if Flyer advertisers could register with Facebook somehow, and view their account into, Flyer history, and Flyer performance (how many impressions so far per site, etc)

    3) I wish there were a pay-per-click model for Flyers instead of pay-per-impression. I think it’d be more compelling if performance-based.

    4) Considering there are skyscraper Flash ads that appear in the left column sometimes (most of the time!) the Flyers look awful tiny. It’d be nice if more room was allowed. Or an image (study BlogAds for ideas).

    All in all, it’s a great start, and i hope you’ll consider these suggestions for enhancements to Flyers.

    – Brian