PS. Why you can't get a job.

March 13, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I don’t mean to always talk about resumes and jobs but I had dinner with my parents last night and realized something about whiners.

I cannot even believe how many people have said “there are just no jobs available” or “it’s a really rough economy now.”

Seriously, how many of your friends have said that to you? Still counting?

Anyways, then I tried to convince my dad that people who have skills will get jobs and hardly ever say those lines. Yea, there are debates about outsourcing, commoditization of skills and the decrease in education. Basically all more excuses by sub-par people.

Am I saying I am a great hire? Who knows, I would like to think so. All I am saying is that you need to develop your skills and aim for the best and there are millions of jobs out there. Why aren’t you getting hired?

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9 responses to “PS. Why you can't get a job.

  1. Damon Z Reply

    You’re right, whining does not get you anywhere especially as far as employment goes. Maybe it has a lot to do with unrealistic expectations. Good jobs like anything good for that matter are difficult to find unless you give it everything you have.

  2. Omara Reply

    Who wants a job? We need entrepreneurs not mere workers. The question to me is how you intend to add value to what’s out there, question btw that in many cases don’t match what many companies want, some sort of automats (?).

  3. wen-wen lam Reply

    ok i was being totally sarcastic up there, shivani today is like, don’t you have a job?

    Yes, I am employed.

  4. Jason Reply

    I have decided to return to the corporate world after teaching 7th grade history for the past five years. I hope you are correct Noah. My creative mind can not wait to push a company’s marketing to the next level. There are so many broken windows out there in the business world, and I have so many great ideas. Look out world here I come!

  5. Ged Hession Reply

    Your point about skills reminds me of a rejection email I once got from an employer. They rejected me since I did not have any openings matching my skills. Sure, you have skills but not the ones we’re looking for is a common reply from employers. It has also been noted that most employers are not interested in skills nor do plenty of jobs require any skills. Attitude is regarded as more important, that you will do the job required. You need to no skills to wash a floor or stack a supermarket shelf but you will need to convince employers that you will get on and do the job.