4 Easy Steps to Avoid Making a Resume

March 8, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I got some flack from friends saying that my Resumes are Dead article can only pertain to techies and what do I do if I am going to be a accountant, financial analyst, doctor, etc… Wrong, you don’t need a resume or cover letter in any of those positions. I know this may come as an interesting perspective but realize there are other ways to get hired or start your own business without a resume.

1- Become a Blogert: An expert in a particular field. If you are in any sector pick a particular area of interest, for accounting it could be Sarbanes-Oxley and document everything you know about it. Research, study it and make interesting opinions on your topic of choice.

2- Get your stuff online: Are you a fashion designer, merchandiser, photographer, etc…? Why limit yourself to paper where it is a one on one experience? With the web you can you publish your stuff online where millions of people can see you.

3- Let others know about it: From the movie field of dreams, if you build it they will come is a complete lie. Get out on your megaphone and get the right people noticing. Met a recruiter at a career fair, your friend’s dad is a high-up at a cool company or other ways; get them to see your site. Provide ways on your site as well for them to tell friends.

4- Expand your social relationships: Now that you have told others, connect with them and share ideas. Get to know these people better and learn about their needs and possibly work with them or for them. Help others before you need help is a great way to create successful relationships.

But Noah these people don’t know what a blog is or can hardly turn on a computer. That’s cool they shouldn’t even need to know what a blog is but be able to go to a website where all your information is listed and they can learn about you and your skills. Resumes are the past while websites & relationships will be the driving factor of hiring in the future. I would suggest you blaze your own trail and get writing.

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6 responses to “4 Easy Steps to Avoid Making a Resume

  1. Shivani Reply

    wow…you said sarbanes-oxley 🙂 haha

    I was one of those doubt-ers…probably because i had to go through the whole resume thing. But, I do agree with you about getting your name and ideas out there. Most companies ask for a resume just to keep it on file for their own records, but they usually hire people based on what other employees know about the person, or how the person acts face to face.

  2. david Reply

    Here’s the problem with this plan. I just wrote to the American Political Science Association about a possible internship. The liason wrote back asking for a resume with a cover letter than they could keep on file. I don’t have a resume. Not yet, anyway. Thus, I can either make up a resume, or not have an internship with a prestigious political theory organization. Noah, what your saying really does only apply to techies and those hoping to start a sweet web 2.0 company.

    Or maybe people with marketable skills.

  3. Zoli Erdos Reply

    David, it’s definitely not just for techies, and the whole point in blogging is that over time it becomes a true reflection of who you are, how you think, not just your marketable skills. It’s definitely not just in tech, in blogs are effectively used in politics… but it’s true that not everyone “gets it” it yet.

    You KNOW that sending a resume “for file” means a no – at least for now.

    A blog-search for “American Political Science Association” brings up a LOT of entries. Find the right individuals, who are either associated with them, or are read by them… comment oon their blogs, discuss their posts on your own, and before you know, you will get invited:-)

  4. kevininspace Reply

    I like this idea, but I think that, like David, some instances require a resume. True, the initial contact might be forged through online (read: points 1 & 2) and offline (read: points 3 &4) content, but it occasionally depends on the System. I work for the government and it is virtually impossible to get a public service (i.e. civil servant) job without following Procedure.

    So, I’d give this the ‘ol 80/20 rule, or maybe even the 90/10: 90% of jobs might not NEED a resume, but there are always the 10% who just don’t get it… yet.