Product Positioning and the Roommates

February 28, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here
“Hi I am Noah what’s your name”

“Oh Hey I am Jennifer, are you from around here?”

“Yea, I grew up in the Bay Area”

“really, where?”

“Oh in cupertino”

“Nice, are you renting or do you have roommates”

“yea 3 of us live in a house”

“very cool, blah blah blah”

and the conversation continues and I score! Sounds like a great thing. What if I told you those 2 other roommates are my parents? Different story huh? Product positioning is how you explain the story to the users and the people you want using your product.

noah's parents

What’s your story? And yes, those are my parents:)

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3 responses to “Product Positioning and the Roommates

  1. Wen Reply

    Case in point – about me and my roommate:

    “They now share an apartment, along with a third roommate, in the upscale Pacific Heights section of San Francisco. Scattered about the living room and bedrooms are the indispensable totems of modern technological privilege: I.B.M. laptops, pink iPods, multiple flat-screen televisions and Ms. Cichelli’s Treo 650, a combination cellphone and palmtop.”

    I’m sorry, upscale Pacific Heights, multiple flat-screen T.V.’s… and computers and ipods SCATTERED all around our living room… we sound like spoiled brats…

  2. Joe Reply

    via aim:
    “i have my own website.”
    “yeah, in fact it’s part of a writer’s group that’s known for having hot chicks.”
    “no way? you’re one of noah’s girls?”
    i score.

    when in fact i’m the girl with the “nice personality.” hey, being linked to greatness…isn’t that what the show Entourage is all about? =)