New Facebook Feature: Add your high school friends

February 27, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Now college and high school users can finally unite. One of the most requested features is to be able to friend between networks. Also, added the limited profile feature so you can show people what you want them to see.

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5 responses to “New Facebook Feature: Add your high school friends

  1. Shivani Reply

    I think the idea of being able to find friends between networks is great, and very helpful, especially for those transition periods (like high school to college or college to professional). But, for someone like me, who just graduated from college, the nearest high school student to my age is 4 years younger than me. I haven’t stepped foot on my high school campus since I graduated and the only high schoolers I know now are related to me.

    So, something like this is not only unhelpful, it’s kind of annoying for current users (unless you’re a freshmen in college). it seems like it is morphing into a myspace in the sense that there is almost access for everybody. I always thought it was weird that 15 years old can converse with 21+ year olds on a network. Also, all the younger kids (i’m calling anybody in high school a kid because they seem a lot younger than me right now), seem to be the MySpace generation and I don’t know how much activity Facebook is going to get from that area.

    One of the special things about facebook was it’s focus on college, it’s what made it different and more special than myspace, friendster, or all the others. and with this integration it seems like the facebook traded it’s dedicated users (my age and the few years younger than me) to gain more users in general. i think it would have been a better idea to integrate the dedicated users with those already going into the professional world. as it was, i don’t think facebook would have had any difficulty getting users in the younger classes because the current freshmen would pass the word onto the younger students. Also, since facebook is so well established on college campuses, it would have already passed on through word of mouth for usage to younger kids.

  2. Jason Reply

    I think this has to be the best feature I have seen introduced. This will help target some older demographics to facebook. This is the only reason I get on myspace. I always love to check to see what old friends and enemies are doing.

  3. eddie Reply

    I like this idea a lot. I think this will be helpful when I want to keep in touch with people who are still in high school.


    This isn’t going to make it so that everybody in the general population can get access. I think that Facebook is trying to make this useful to all students, not just college students.

  4. Aditya Agarwal Reply

    I think the common complaint will be along the lines of “Why did you make an exclusive network open to everybody?”

    The answer to this is that the exclusive network still exists. The main difference between facebook and myspace is the segregation of users into separate (and semantically connected) communities. Only users in your own college/high school can see your profile.


  5. Andrew Chen (UCDAVIS) Reply

    jesus christ i fucking hate your reply box. fucking ate my whole fucking typed shit.

    so now u get a fucking condensed version

    Facebook: Hi shivani! I agree, no use for old farts like us, but that probably isn’t plan. I see that facebook taking cues from tobacco and fast food in the ways of marketing your product, “get them while they are young”. which i admit is the logical choice.
    I dont believe facebook is the 7th most visited website, unless you are counting 1 “session” to be the number of pages the viewer hits during that session
    Im proud of u, working your tush off at facebook
    If facebook is still around in 2 years, I can add my, now 12 yr old, brother….

    You: I looked through some of your pics, you are fucking ugly right now (as of when I saw you a week ago), please clean yourself up. ie. look at your LA trip photos… and.. fuck. man. ew

    Yelp: I talked to you about yelp. I saw a picture of wenwen on there and was like, wth, she has a page at okdork -> must know noah. She is HOT. tell her to marry me.
    I like yelp, I’ve written 5 reviews, I’ve read like 40. finally found a dim sum place that is respectable in Sac. Not all users are “super users” thus not all yelp users are dumb. ppl are dumb regardless of where you go.
    Why do ppl come to your site, exchange discourse with you over the topics YOU choose, all for free. There is no incentive but your bad grammatical skills to keep us coming back. just kidding. i