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February 10, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

We have become so accustomed to things always working as consumers. Not sure if this has been addressed on some other blog or forum but doesn’t it suck when the power goes out? We wait 15 minutes to 3 hours and eventually it comes back on and we go to sleep.

mobile + google

What if Google or your cell phone were unavailable for 10 minutes, 2 hours, 1 day? How would that affect your life….?

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10 responses to “What would you do if…

  1. Shivani Reply

    I’m not too attached to Google as a search engine, but I love my Gmail account, I think I could survive one day without it, but anymore than that and i might go a little nuts…but that’s the life of a workaholic 🙂 Me without my cell phone would also be pretty crappy since I don’t have another phone.

  2. Brian C Reply

    I’d likely get more sleep, make less money, and have to get a land line, which would suck. Shivani also has a good point about Gmail, but if Goole went away I’d just use my Yahoo email account more. But then they’d probablye stop offering as much storage and never update it because of the lack of competition.

  3. Andrew Ferguson Reply

    This actually just happened to me. I was trying to download something on SourceForge and it said down for maintenance, but there was no scheduled maintenance. So I frantically pressed refresh for a couple minutes, and then went to Safeway to complete some errands I needed to do. I came back and it was still not up, so I pressed F5 some more. Total down time was probably only a half hour and SF only had a file I needed, so I couldn’t really imagine what would happen Google were to go down for an entire day. I think mass chaos would ensue.

  4. Sean Tierney Reply

    Noah, i used to live in Quito Ecuador back in ’95 and during that time they had power rationing throughout the city so 8hrs every day you could count on being without electricity. They would publish the schedules of which regions would be rationed at which times- “se fue la luz” was the common response when you’d be doing something that required power and suddenly it went dark. As much as a pain that was, it was a daily reminder that electric power is a privilege and not a right.


  5. Devin Reply

    Hmmm, I often wonder how we functioned before cell phones. When trying to get together with people it sometimes takes 34 calls before we know whats going on. I realize we could always plan better but it seems to make life simpler and harder all at the same time. In addition to people here I would have no other way to communicate. Instead of them, though, I might spring for SkypeOut.

    I could care less about Google being down…