Facebook feature: add a personal message

February 3, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

During an ALL night hackathon on Wednesday one programmer created this handy feature where you can include a personal message when you add a friend. Ever get that random friend adding you and you’re like “damn was I that drunk when i made out with her” or “where the hell did i meet this guy from”? Anyways, now you can send a message saying hi or reminding the person how you met.

facebook: add a personal message

Sorry Shivani I had to talk about what we completed in 24 hours. haha. This was the major thing;P


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7 responses to “Facebook feature: add a personal message

  1. Shivani Reply

    wow! 24 hours and all you guys came up with was a personal message! talk about company efficiency right there…hahaha 🙂 j/k. i’m kind of jealous, i want to work for a company that has 24 hour day working sessions!!!

  2. Noah Kagan Reply

    There was a ton of cool things that were worked on during the night but not all were able to launch…yet. Maybe you should consider working at 24 hour fitness so you can work 24 hours:)

    ooh. sorry for the lame joke but it’s Friday.

  3. Travis Heller Reply

    Here’s comment for you…

    You know what I’d like to see on Facebook? Expand on the birthday reminders that are already there by making a birthday list. Make a tab on the Friends Page that lists all of your friends’ birthdays.

    It seems as though it’d be a neat (and relatively easy) little addon that would be rather useful.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    The thing about the add a personal message is that you have to check your email to know if they left a personal message, I just now realized this, b/c in my emails it shows personal messsages, but not on facebook. I check facebook way more than my email;

    I think the “add a personal message” should be sent to you through facebook.

  5. rddt Reply

    I believe the “Add a Personal Message” feature, at least for Event Invites, is currently broken (since at least April 15 2009). It doesn’t show up in the email nor on Facebook.