Noah is a Cocky Bastard

January 31, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I had a meeting with a pretty cool company for Facebook today and afterwards realized how rude I was to their two representatives. So I am writing this post to bring me back down to reality.

I don’t think we will work with you.

After touching on last week’s writings about importance I guess I was the one who really needed advice. I think my ego started growing or toasting (bad joke related to ego waffles, anyways) after getting a dream job at Facebook, meeting new Amazing people all over Bay Area, helping coordinate a very successful conference and other random stuff. Does any of this give me the right to be rude to someone today or treat people differently? F, no!

Constructive criticism is much better when its constructive.

So what did I personally do? I called Marti who has known me forever and made him criticize me for about 5 minutes which he did quite easily. Then I realized how I want to be treated and how I SO detest rude or cocky people. Oh, and I called the two reps tonight to apologize for my behavior. So now I am deflated and back to normal, yay=)

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7 responses to “Noah is a Cocky Bastard

  1. dreams Reply

    Personally I don’t think ‘criticism’ can really be constructive. The word itself implies taking someone down a notch.. in a not so nice way. I’m all about feedback though!

  2. Cap Reply

    Noah. Dude.

    why do you look different in every other picture you post up. Don’t need the guard but um, I’ll add one to the frey.

    at one local bank’s presentation/dinner to woo local investors… I couldn’t stand half the room busy talking among themselves (where I couldn’t hear the speaker) so I sat up and yelled out loud, saying something like “Hey sorry can you repeat that, I couldn’t hear you its too noisy around here.”

    and half the room of about a hundred people shut up.

    afterwards for the dinner, everyone looked at me like I was an arse.

    the speaker thanked me for trying though.

  3. Shivani Reply

    yea, a real man to own up to his mistakes, and yet still a cocky bastard to go around telling the world of his good deeds. I’m glad you feel better about yourself, but I’ll believe the deflated ego when I see it.

  4. somebodyyouknow Reply

    sometimes the “we don’t want to work with you” approach is important for the receiving end. otherwise it leaves them wondering if you were trying to be polite and let them off, or were actually interested. of course you should follow up with an explanation of why you can’t work together- and at least allow for some reconsideration