Noah’s McDonalds Theory: You are NOT that important

January 27, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

Closing out the week of importance I thought it was important (pun intended) to realize you, me, he, she are not that important. My McDonald’s theory goes like this: You are important if you can go to McDonald’s and they let you cut in line or upgrade you to super size because of who you are.

Are you super sized?

Have you ever really loved a blogger or a particular person and made an effort to meet them? If you didn’t have any luck you have to think, are they really that busy they can’t meet with me? It is just surprising that people can’t spare a few minutes of their day to chat with people who admire them so. Albeit, if they are trying to solicit or get something from many people, I can imagine people not wanting to respond.

So what is the point of this whole article? Great question. I think its more to address that we should try to be nice to the person who wants to meet you, not sit too high on our pedastool and have a great day.

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13 responses to “Noah’s McDonalds Theory: You are NOT that important

  1. Peter Caputa Reply

    Firstly, never take it personally. It isn’t you. It’s them and their choice. It has nothing to do with you.

    There are also million reasons why someone might not respond to you. Or if they respond that they are too busy, there are a million reasons, but they have the decency to let you know.

    Secondly, it’s their loss.

  2. dreams Reply

    Hmm, thats how I met Noah and look how much trouble we get in together, now.. I’ve found though that most people certainly do have the time to make a quick response. Scott Adams, Seth Godin, Mark Cuban. Hell, if they can do it…

  3. Tara 'Miss Rogue' Hunt Reply

    Well, I certainly hope that I don’t fall into that category…no wait, I’m just a schmuck from Toronto who doesn’t know how to manage her time very well. I know I’ve been totally bad at finally getting together with you. What has it been, like, months? Yikes.

  4. Cap Reply

    Tara, I doubt he’s trying to point at anyone in specific. I have a feeling Noah is an avid networker. But yeah who knows.

    I’m in the same shoe, but I think the situation is different.. cuz now I want to make the effort to meet Noah someday.

  5. Noah Kagan Reply

    Tara it is nothing against you taking 6 years to respond to my email:) More just a general opinion about the way some people are and hopefully the way they can be. I still would love to sit down to see more about Riya one day…

    Cap, I hope you know I hate the N word unless its the word Noah. Okay, that was dumb but I really can’t stand networking for networking. I take an active interest in meeting interesting people. Is that like calling a water boy an h2o engineer, kinda. Basically I like cool people and hope to meet you someday as well.

  6. Cap Reply

    yeah I think I know what you mean. haha sorry about the N word.

    I coulda just said “guy that likes to meet cool ppl” but yeah.

    don’t really like the word and the whole concept myself. something about it is missing.

  7. Joe Reply

    see i think ‘networking’ is just a over-used term that carries less meaning as a result – but also stemmed from what noah’s all about. he actually is interested in more people and things that humanly appropriate (without the aid of stimulants)and as closely as it can be related to the presently undervalued N word, it IS – in his case – totally legitimate.

  8. Jason Reply

    Seth Godin and Max Barry (author Syrup, Jennifer Government, Company) are two recent “celebrities” that have replied to my emails. It was very nice of them to ake the time to have a converstion with a poor teacher like myself.

    I am still waiting for Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mar and former teacher, to reply to my questions. It has been a while, so I m losing hope.

    My point is…I think reply time has alot to do with the person’s celebrity scale. When you go up the scale you are less likely to get a response. Not due to the fact they are a punk, but that they probably get thousands of emails a day. That is 365,000 people to reply to. Yikes!

  9. Joseph Hunkins Reply

    Noah! Tara! You NEVER call me anymore!
    Come to think of it, you never called before.
    You don’t even know me.
    Never mind.

    Noah I’d agree I’m not that important but I’ve been surprised how easy it’s been to meet many “more-important-than-me” people in the tech and travel sectors, though it seems to help a lot if you are at (sometimes expensive) conferences.

    The exception to this was Bill Gates who I really admire due to his superbly great international development work but who was never out and about at the MIX06 conference. I can’t blame him though due to security issues.

    I’m still counting on Tennis with Noah in 2007. Do you play table tennis?