Money is not that Important

January 23, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

After getting a new job, getting cheated on last year and other things in my life I realized that money is not that important. Maybe that is a strong way to put it since if you are hungry and starving, money is very important at that moment. I guess it comes down to circumstances but if you are comfortable with money; gaining more of it over personal relationships, free time and happiness seems pretty low on my tandem poll. So I had an idea, yea I love when the sentences start off like that.

your money or your life

I previously gave away $500 to someone who had a great idea so they can go pursue that. The new idea is to help people help people. Oh I love corporate slogans and cheesy lines.

What’s the deal: You email me your mailing address and I mail you $1 (yes a real one).

Why: Because it is only $1 and then you will take that dollar and give it to someone you like. Seriously.

Huh: No, I will not mail you other things, no I will not sell your address, yes I like doing things that are fun. It’s only 1 dollar.

Is money everything? # of people mailed $1 to: 11/100 (updated 1/27)

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10 responses to “Money is not that Important

  1. Devin Reams Reply

    Um, so you give me a dollar and then I give it to someone else? They then in turn sit there and go ‘what can I do with a dollar’? I don’t exactly get it. Can I get a dollar and 9 more for my friends? In fact, I have a lot of friends I need to give dollars to…

  2. Noah Kagan Reply

    I knokw its complicated for your Devin. I will write an example:

    1- Devin thinking: Yay my name is Devin and that really hip guy Noah is giving away dollars
    2- Devin doing: hey Noah my mailing address is 1234 yourtown lane boulder, Co 12345
    3- Noah doing: getting an envelope and mailing devin a dollar
    4- Devin receiving: wahoo! i got a dolla, holla. okay enough. hey Jim you are a great friend here is a dollar

    noah happy
    devin happy
    Jim happy

    the end.

  3. hunter Reply

    more so random gifting meme than value of money, but in 1998 I had a ticket to the NCAA basketball files in San Antonio. Three days before the event my plans changed and i couldn’t go. Rather than scalping, i picked a random name from the San Antonio telephone book (i was in SF at the time) and fedex’ed it to the address.

    Don’t know if they went, heck I don’t know if they even received the ticket, but I’ve gotten much more joy wondering what happened to that ticket than I could have for the few hundred dollars selling it would have brought.