Facebook Fairy Tales: The Jenn Sterger Interview

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So here’s a Facebook fairy tale that proves Facebook-living has actual benefits. Do you spend your day living on Facebook? Do you work hours upon hours updating photos of yourself and writing about your interests? Think you’re wasting your time? Well you definitely aren’t (as long as you’re good-looking…jk). Jenn Sterger, 24 year old FSU student was actually “discovered” on Facebook.

Jenn Sterge is Czech and Yugoslavian and basically a mix of Eastern Euorpean (obviously a nice combo). Growing up she aspired to be an orthodontist because she wanted to make people smile (she’s become very good at this now in her older age). She’s pretty much a normal gal, loves buffalo wings, is a senior at FSU, majoring in Criminology and Psychology, studying to become a lawyer and oh yeah she’s doing a photo-shoot for Maxim. She is just your average run-of-the-mill college gal.


Jenn is a fellow Facebook addict. She spends a lot of her time searching and browsing profiles, as do millions of other students. However, Jenn has also gained profound popularity through this online college networking site. It’s simple.

She loves football, quoting movies and hanging out with friends. She and others take pictures. She and others put them up on Facebook and have a tagging party. People search through Facebook and find Jenn’s pictures and BAM! she’s a sensation. Jenn’s pictures have been shared and sent through millions of computer screens around. Facebook shared Jenn’s photos around the world.


“I never in a thousand years would have imagined that my pictures would have gone as far as they have. It’s funny how things turn out. I mean, there are plenty of girls with pics in their photo albums on there [facebook]…why mine have caused such a buzz is beyond me…but I am so thankful they have.”

So then one fine day, or should I say, “Once upon a time…” (going back to the title), an intern for Maxim, who is also an avid facebook-er, found Jenn’s profile and hence, her pictures. He took an interest and started referring Jenn to the higher echelon’s of Maxim and so one thing led to another and before she knew it, Jenn received a called from the editor himself.


And of course Jenn decided to say yes to what many women would love to do: a photo-shoot with Maxim. She’s doing this for a few staple reasons. Jenn wants to show the world that women can be sports freaks, drink beer, be true football fans and not be total unattractive tomboys. She also finds it liberating to be in Maxim. Some of the most beautiful girls can be found in this magazine and she’s not going to lie, it is an ego booster. Nothing’s wrong with that.

“For all the guys that have hurt me…lied to me…cheated on me…its the sweetest revenge possible without stooping to their level. A small personal victory for me.”

Jenn attributes a lot of her success to Facebook and the internet in general. She gives half of the credit to Facebook. Facebook reaches multitudes of people who are in the demographic that Jenn needs.

“I was home for break…and college students who were visiting Tampa were coming up to me at my job…trying to figure out if it was me or not. It’s amazing the number of people that are facebook addicts like myself.”

The internet is responsible for Jenn Sterger’s national exposure. And yet one could look at this all as a blessing or a curse. Though she’s met many new and interesting people, she has also gone through a lot of unnecessary things. People have stolen her identity numerous times and more of the things she goes through because of her ever growing popularity can be seen as more tedious than tantalizing. She receives about 40-50 pokes and receives about 50-75 messages a day on facebook.

“People forget I am just like any other college student. I go to class…I study…I watch football…work out…and have two jobs. So I might not always respond…but I read every single one of them. As for the hate mail, I don’t respond to it. I just block the person. Life is to short to deal with haters, why spend your time dwelling on the people that don’t like you. Spend it with the people you love and love you.”

Jenn attributes most of her strength and success to her parents. They are her role models. They have been stalwarts in her life, always telling her to be honest, strong and persistent; always believing in her and expecting nothing than her best in everything she ventures in.

She also gave shout outs to her other internet families:

warchant.com Locker Room

the Maryland Terptown boards

OU Sooners board

“A lot of boards have posted my pics, but none have taken the time to get to actually know me like these guys have. I have met some amazing men and women on these boards, some of which I am close friends with now.”

With all the offers that Jenn is now undoubtedly receiving, she is still planning on continuing her education and going forth in her goal of going to Law School. As for everything else, things are still up in the air. She doesn’t want to be known as “that internet girl” her entire life. She’s hoping for bigger and better things to come out of it all. No one knows what the future holds, but as for right now, Jenn is happy with what she is being handed.

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37 responses to “Facebook Fairy Tales: The Jenn Sterger Interview

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hey guys, have you or any of your friends ever experienced the infamous psycho girlfriend. She starts out all sweet and innocent and cute and then BAM! Total psycho, the kind that you have to move to Tahiti and change your number to get rid of and who threatens to kill you (literally, in writing) if you spend time with your fellow men… I think you know where I am going with this. Put it back in your pants and run for your lives. Unless you like that sort of thing…Good Luck Jenn! I wish you and your saline bags lots of luck in the real world!

  2. mark Reply

    To all you haters stop the crying i d love to see the girls your with jenn your the hottest to come around in some time i wish i went to fsu this year KEEP IT UP

  3. Taylor Reply

    Artificial…who cares? I’m a Nole, she’s a Nole, and so is Gabrielle Reese. When a UCLA fan I know says “you have the best looking girls.” I know she’s something. Go Noles!

  4. Paul Reply

    She’s a pretty gal, but for me its got to be more than that. I don’t know much about Jenn, but I don’t see why we all cannot reserve our judgement till we truly know and understand her. Yeah this sounds all cheesy and I know in reality people judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t mean whats inside doesn’t have the stuff to make a good book.

    I wish her the best (and I’m no FSU football fan, but I do love sports).

  5. erick Reply

    No doubt she is a stunningly beautiful women. However, so are countless other women out there, who also run around half naked exuding little more than a lack of self-respect. Maybe she has a nice personality and maybe she doesn’t, but trust me, women like her don’t make for good girlfriends, especially not good wives. They almost always have a sense of self-entitlement. Because of their looks, they think that men owe them something, and they usually will get it from some sucker who only cares about having a “trophy girlfriend”. They tend to be nothing more than shallow gold-diggers, hence the reason I would never even think about dating someone like her. She is essentially using her body and looks to bolster her short-lived fame, and sadly, our society only perpetuates and encourages this. Is it any wonder why women like her have the reputation of being “high maintainence”? Just the fact that she is considering posing in Playboy makes me loose all respect for her. I’d take an average-looking but attractive and self-respecting women any day over a women who flaunts her half-naked body at football games to get attention. I’d be embarassed and ashamed if that was my daughter running around half-naked in the stands at a football game.

  6. Sam Reply

    Why such jealousy? She is a beautiful woman give her some respect…if you had that kind of looks you would do the same thing so quit hatin on her. I’m sure she’s very down to earth and much more than just her looks

  7. Markus Reply

    It’s nice to see a new refeshing great looking lady on the internet (or anywhere for that matter). You are georgeous and a ‘Nole to boot. Thanks to SportIllustrated.com for warming things up over here in Canada with some great pics of Jenn. We look forward to seeing your pics in Maxim and Playboy. All the best from the all the cold horny men in Canada, eh! CHEERS!

  8. erick Reply

    I fail to see what the big deal is here, folks. Did every beautiful woman on the planet except Jenn Sterger vanish last night while I was sleeping? She’s just an attractive woman with fake breasts, nothing you can’t see almost anywhere today. She’s nothing more than a one-night-stand, a flavor of the month. You guys are acting like a bunch of horny junior-high school kids sneaking a look at their dad’s Playboy and drooling all over yourselves. Frankly, I think some of you out there are pathetic (no offense to anyone in specific) for worshiping this woman like she’s some kind of goddess. And you all wonder why hot chicks like her become so conceited and quickly find themselves being looked upon as nothing more than a sex object. Maybe if we stopped treating these women like goddesses, they’d come back down to earth and actually may become marriage material. But on the other hand, women like her wonder why guys just want to use them for sex. Hmmmm, maybe it’s because we know that women like her are too difficult to have a relationship with. They’re usually nothing more than high-maintainence, self-centered, self-entitled, shallow, stuck-up gold-diggers who think that somehow they’ve become the center of the universe. For every “9” like Jenn out there, there are thousands of “7s” and “8s” who would make much better girlfriend material. Think about this guys…..some of you say you’d date her, but do you really want your girlfriend/ potential future wife taking her clothes off for millions of men to lust after? Any guy who is o.k. with his girlfriend/wife being paid to pose naked for other men is either a liar, or just in it for the sex. First, football games half naked…..next, Maxim…..then Playboy……..look out porn industry, here comes Jenn.

  9. The Pie Reply

    She has some big ass bombs!!! No other comment necessary. Everybody in here quit here quit hating and realize that if you had her looks or if you were capable of getting a girl like her you would stop all of your pissing and moaning.

  10. erick Reply

    Based on the context of your post, “Pie”, I’m not suprised you wouldn’t leave your real name. You sound like a typical immature, pussy-whipped college punk who is too shallow to look beyond a women’s physical appearance, and too stupid to see through their facades and masquerades. It’s boys like you who give us real men a bad reputation, and who encourage “hot” women to become even more stuck-up than they already are. Quote, “she has some big-ass bombs”. Gee, that’s a mature response. Quote, “everybody in here quit here quit hating and realize that if you had her looks or if you were capable of getting a girl like her you would stop all of your pissing and moaning”. This last quotation not only proves your illiteracy, but also your ignorance, too. In fact, I have dated women who’s looks were comparable to Jenn Sterger’s. Sadly, that’s usually all they have to offer. BTW, nobody in here is “pissing and moaning”, as you so eloquently put it. Speaking for myself, I am simply stating the obvious based on my experiences with women like her…..shallow women who use their bodies for monetary gain….women who think that they are God’s gift to mankind, and women who have the self-respect of $5 whore and the intelligence of a tree stump, much like yourself. Please refrain from posting anything else until you grow up, learn to speak appropriately and can learn to look beyond a woman’s “big-ass bombs” when making a statement about her.

  11. The Real Jenn Reply

    Haters.. quit visiting the porn sites to find her pictures and start trying places like Si.com.. places like that. She’s not an idiot… She’s probably smarter than most of you guys.. so please don’t sit here and insult her intelligence.. just because she bought her boobs.. the rest of her body she works for and she’s damn proud of it. So please.. quit hating until you get to know the real jenn.. There’s more to this girl than meets the eye.

  12. Mark Reply

    Penn State won over FSU in OB. YEAH GO PSU!! What a game. Hope you enjoyed the game. Hope You met Paul Posluszny, our star PSU linebacker. Die hard PSU fan here.

  13. Mike Reply

    hm, i agree with erick, besides it’s not even worth it to make such a story out of it. the media found there new fun-object, and they’l find a new one sooner or later. but one thing i didn’t really get, is her “gorgeous” look. pardon me? what else is there besides the exciting, yet fake as it seems body? her face and smile is not as exceptional as all the buzz might suggest, is it?

  14. Elizabeth Reply

    I’ve never understood the fuss about fake breasts and fake tans either, but if that’s what you boys like, you can have it! I’m sure she’s a very nice and smart girl but I know plenty of nice, smart, natural, funny, beautiful girls who look just as good as Jenn but who save the sexy clothes and nudity for their boyfriends. And every one of them is looking for a guy like Erick!

  15. Aimie Reply

    I am very interested in getting discover for Maxim. Iam only 20 years old now but will soon be turning 21 in June of 2007. I would like to get started posting pictures and info about myself. Any Help?

  16. andrew Reply

    Joe on Jan. 13 wrote:
    She is totally over-plucked, over-tanned, artificial and boring!

    listen, just because you are gay and now pissed that you won’t ever be with her doesn’t mean you have to be bitter. just think about brad pitt. let those of us who can enjoy her.

  17. NoleGuy Reply

    FSU is legitimate for beautiful women. I spent five years at Arizona State University. Over there, they do have really hot college girls. But it seems like you have to be a varsity athlete, fraternity president, or a former high school homecoming king now in college in order to be with a “hot” girl on campus. But at FSU, you can be an average guy and still get chances for really hot girls. You don’t have to be a varsity athlete or fraternity president. I have actually had a chance to be with four hot college girls at once – they hit on me while they were partying one night. It’s outrageous over here. The only problem is that I am an older graduate student and have outgrown the excess partying, so it’s kind of a mismatch. However, I am amazed by the chances I have had. I never had chances like that in my five years at Arizona State, so FSU is hot for college girls who want to party. FSU beats ASU as far as I am concerned for that category. I think that should be a litmus test for rating college girls. If the campus has a lot of hot women, then how easily approachable are they for an average guy? At FSU, the hot women can actually do the approaching, even for an average guy.

  18. Perfect 10 Reply

    THis girl is a 8, not even a nine fake tits, lets see if we can make her a 10, what does mercantilism mean > ? how about criminal justice who is the foundin father or law in america? simple questions any college student can find in seconds. jen ?? thought so no sorry not freud