Festival of Frugality #5

January 10, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

I feel blessed to host the 5th annual Festival of Frugality. Being a yopo (young professional) and a recent college graduate saving money and being cheap are important to me. Just not that important to my gf:) Here are some articles related to being a cheap bastard that you might appreciate:

Frugal Living

1- Early Riser explains how to save money by not insuring certain things.

2- Personal Finance Advice talks about dropped money at your feet.

3- Five Cent Nickel discusses how he made over $1700 in 2005.

4- Boston Gal’s Open Wallet breaks down the cost of her Lazy Lady Lasagna recipe.

5- Seattle Simplicity sells all her stuff and makes $135 at a consignment store.

6- Free Money Finance presents some great tips on savings at Costco.

7- Kwee goes over saving money with his weekly grocery savings.

8- Bargaineering rubs his magic 8-ball to predict Supermarket Savings.

9- Mighty Bargain Hunter travelled the web for an After Christmas Find.

10- Jonathan solves the problem of Researching a New Stock Broker.

11- In a Shoe ponders over some frugal questions.

12- Clutter2cash helps rope in pet expenses.

festival of frugality