Top 5 tricks for Web Traffic 2.0

January 6, 2006 - Get free updates of new posts here

As many people talk about web 2.0, I noticed there are new trends in ways that blogs and companies are gaining attention. Here are some recent trends I noticed in gaining publicity:

1- Create a Top Ten List: Create some remotely funny or traffic generating top ten list and everybody starts taking that as law. People will pass it along like a hot potato and sooner than you’d expect your site is the top ten way of optimizing something.

2- Some how get bloggers to think, Google/Yahoo/Microsoft will purchase you. The rumor alone draws tremendous traffic to your product. Is it true? Who really cares as you now have thousands of eye balls checking out your site.

3- Wait till an A-List blogger (Robert Scoble, Seth Godin or Russell Beattie) makes a remark and completely bash them. That blogger will in turn link to you saying how you disagree to show that people don’t like them.

4- Get enough of your cronies to link to you in digg, reddit or Mass email all your friends or co-workers and have them add you multiple times in those sites and eventually you become popular. Bonus points for creating multiple accounts yourself to gain increased ranking.

5- Email a lover letter to Techcrunch, Siliconbeat or Emilychang praying that they will profile you on their website. Hopefully if you are nice enough they will give you a link and your site will be saved;)

Now you have made it big and go wherever you want. Any ideas I miss?


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12 responses to “Top 5 tricks for Web Traffic 2.0

  1. Jason Reply

    I think leaving intelligent well thought-out comments on other blogs will increase web traffic to your own blog. The more blogs you hit with comments, the more readers are going to link to your site. Its all about quality and quanity!

  2. Devin Reply

    PS: Are you trying to add some technorati tags? I noticed you have comma-seperated values at the bottom of your last two posts. Forgetting the tags tag?

  3. Simonne Matthew Reply

    Hi Noah,

    I was very amused of this post of yours, as I’m new in this blogging world (some 3 weeks now) and I came across many “wise advisers” who had for us, the newbies, pieces of advice pretty much like the ones you mentioned. I tried your no 1, but in three days and about 5 posts, I got sick of top ten whatever tricks I shared with my audience. Then I tried to get on the front page of digg – I tried for a week, with no results at all, then I found an advice on internet that if you wanna get dugg, all it takes is to write about digg. So said and done: here there was my nice article about digg… I posted it and waited… and waited… and waited… absolutely nobody there cared about me writing about their lovely digg. Besides, I got rejected when I tried to post my article on some other sites, because it had a forbidden word in the title (guess which one was this word:). My conclusion is that I’ll write exactly about what I feel like writing… and perhaps …. in a couple of months from now try your no 5 suggestion!

  4. Reply

    I really love your web traffic trick #2.
    About somehow getting bloggers to think, that Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft will purchase you. The rumor alone can bring tremendous amounts of traffic. As a matter of fact, with the popularity of, I think Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft might be interested in This domain name is up for sale.