The 2006 Guide to the Internet

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A few people have asked me recently what are the sites I need to know on the web. I decided to create the essential list of sites you need to know to become hip with web 2.0 or throw down impressive sites at geek parties:

1- Bloglines: The ultimate RSS reader.
This is a great way to read all your blogs/websites in one place and get notified when they are updated.

library thing
2- Librarything: Ever want to know what you have read or should be reading in the future. This site is super for keeping track of all your books. Why isn’t their one for movies?
3- The universal bookmark: Don’t you hate when you forget that site you saw at work but can’t remember at home? This site gives you a chance to save bookmarks on the web and access them from anywhere. Also, a great way to see what similar people are saving as bookmarks and find new sites.

4- Vimeo: Upload unlimited videos. A chance to upload, browse and share videos all across the web. As a backup checkout YouTube.

5- TechCrunch: The godfather of the online tech world. Michael Arrington gives your company the go ahead and you pretty much made it. In case you have free time try to check out Siliconbeat.

Seth Godin Head
6- Seth Godin: The innovator of viral and successful viral marketing. Seth gives you a lot of great ideas on how to market your products and interesting things to think about relating to marketing.

Robert Scoble
7- Robert Scoble: The human voice of Microsoft. This is the voice of Microsoft and puts a human face on the large company. Criticizes and praises his company and talks about other cool companies he likes

8- A site where users decided the news. Very tech focused this site has great info and cool news that people “Digg”. Make sure to check out their diggnation podcast.

Emily Chang
9- Emily Chang: The mother of all web 2.0 sites. Emily has the comprehensive list of every 2.0 site that you should know of. Make sure you get listed if you are not yet.

10- Myspace/Facebook: The sites for socializing and connecting with old friends. Yes this is a self-serving plug but a lot of people don’t realize the size and importance of these sites in younger peoples lives.

Bonus: I left out the music notable of An awesome site to track what you listen to and discover new bands. Honorable mention of music goes to Pandora.

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