Holiday Gift Giving Reversed

December 12, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

Tired of getting crappy gifts from your grandparents or significant others? My brother sent me this great idea for anyone to use, check it out:

One year, instead of buying presents for someone and vise versa – exchange money for however much you would have spent on each other’s present. Then each person goes out and buys exactly what they want. They bring it home and wrap it. Don’t tell the other person what you’ve bought. Then when the time comes you exchange gifts. The idea is, instead of exchanging gifts that someone else went out and bought for you, the surprize comes when the person who gave you the money finds out what you bought for yourself.

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5 responses to “Holiday Gift Giving Reversed

  1. Shivani Reply

    I think money is the WORST gift to give somebody. Most of the time, it’s the thought that counts with a gift…not the amount of money. Yea, of course you get some things you don’t like, but it’s a great feeling when you do get a gift that you really like and you realize that your friends/family know you well enough to get it for you.

    If I can’t figure out what to get somebody, i’ll just wait and get them something I know they will like later on. It sucks though, because I’m always late getting ppl gifts…but at least I know what I get them won’t be a waste.

  2. Noah Kagan Reply

    This is a new way to look at the problem of getting the gift you never wanted and I know you know what I mean. I think it ruins the idea of really taking time to think of another person and surprising the person who gave you cash is a weak idea, but it is clever. Okay maybe not super clever but at least you get what you want. Are you saying you love the Rolling Stones and you “can always get what you want”?:)

  3. Wen-Wen Lam Reply

    I think this is what should happen for all those secret santa exchanges at companies. I know this guy who just bought puma t-shirts for two girls. He should beaten with a big black stick and burned at stake for that.

  4. Shivani Reply

    Okay, two things. Wen-wen, I totally agree (although Puma isn’t all bad), I’ve gotten some really shitty presents from secret santa exchanges. My sister’s work did a cool thing though, they did a secret santa except instead of just getting people random gifts, each person wrote up a list of things they would want in a specific price range and hung it up on the wall. Her co-workers that knew her well changed some and added some stuff…they all got something they liked and had some laughs with it too.

    As for Noah…yea, like I said everybody gets really shitty presents. But, if I was given cash I wouldn’t spend it on certain things, and that’s why presents are SOOO great because sometimes you get those things that you’d never spend money on but want. My friends bought me a game cube two years and I LOVE IT! but if they had given me $200 and sent me on my way, there is no way I would have bought it…and then my life would definitely not be as enjoyable as it is now :).

    So, in conclusion…Noah, if you ever give me cash as a gift I will never forgive you 🙂 haha