Facebook Events Announcement

December 11, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

Just thought I should let everyone know (not that you care) that Facebook changed My Parties to My Events.

1- Added new categories
2- Improved invite tool
3- Added a Public Events Calendar

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1 reply to “Facebook Events Announcement

  1. Peter Caputa Reply

    Where’s the API?

    When facebook wants to talk about making money from events, let me know.

    You guys are driving ridiculous value to the nightlife business. And you aren’t capturing any coin from it (directly).

    I recently purchased an announcement ad and their wasn’t a measurable return from it. (We can measure.) However, there are thousands of promoters that are using facebook to build their email lists, to get people on guest lists, etc.

    We should talk about this. There’s a big opportunity to make a lot of cash by working directly with head nightlife promoters and nightclubs and rewarding facebook members for help spreading the word. generating leads for them.

    We have the tools to do this. Facebook has the audience.