In-n-Out: It's what a hamburger's allll about

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What makes In-n-Out the subject of almost every college students dreams?
What is it about a juicy Double Double that automatically puts a smile on my face?


the key word is : FRESHNESS

In-n-Out is all about the freshness. In-n-Out makes their food the good old fashioned way. When everything nowadays is preservative filled, freezer burned and microwave heated, In-n-Out beats the competition hands down.

In-n-Out beef patties are made of 100% pure beef. They are free of additives, fillers and preservatives of any kind, and they buy only “chucks” (apparently that’s the front ribs and shoulder of a cow). Oh and it doesn’t stop there! The lettuce is hand-leafed and the buns are baked using old fashioned slow-rising sponge dough (it’s quite tasty).

Awsome Fact:
In-n-Out doesn’t even own microwaves, heat-lamps OR freezers!

Okay and I know we’ve all seen the workers chopping and peeling away at the potatoes to make the freshest fries I’ve ever tasted. I think it’s the satisfaction of knowing that my fries did not come from an opened freezer burned plastic bag that makes them even better. They use 100% pure, cholestorol-free vegetable oil. ANNNND their shakes, those oh-so-delightful drinks of joy are made with REAL ice cream.

In-n-Out was first made in 1948, and I still here my parents raving about the good old days and the good….present days? Alright you know where I was going with it. Anyway, if you haven’t yet experienced the joy that is In-n-Out then don’t talk to me till you do and if you have then, good for you (I’d still appreciate it if you didn’t talk to me [Melody that is, not Noah, I’m sure Noah loves people commenting on his site and talking to him and….I’m rambling]).



It’s seriously what a hamburger’s alllllll about.

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10 responses to “In-n-Out: It's what a hamburger's allll about

  1. Shivani Reply

    I’ve got a question for everybody: In n Out pays its employees more than any other fast food restaurant, and for that matter more than most restaurants, retail stores, and even some other types of jobs…i think starting pay is at $9. They also offer 401K plans, and medical and dental coverage for their full time employees. So, unlike most fast food restaurants, an employee at In N Out can actually make a living off of their work.

    My question is…does all of that corporate responsibility towards their employees have any effect on a person’s reasons for eating there? or is it just good to keep your employees happy?

  2. Jason K Reply

    If only In-and-Out would expand to Canada! I tried it when I was in San Diego, and I find it hard to eat at the standard fast-food joints anymore…. mmm… just thinking about those juicy burgers, topped with real cheese…

    god damn I’m hungry now

  3. Belinda Reply

    It’s a good idea in general to keep your employees happy. I would guess that for most people, they don’t care too much about the corporate responsibility towards employees being one of the factors for a person eating there. Personally, the people I know who want to eat at In N Out want to eat there because of how the food tastes.

    Keeping employees happy is good, but they’re also pushing that since employees get paid more, employees should always reflect that in customer service. And well, if employees are happier with pay they’re more likely to stay longer thus reducing costs of training someone else.

    That was a fun place to work at tho.

  4. Maneesh Sethi Reply

    I think people like being on the In crowd, per se. Knowing what animal style is, or a double double is, makes bringing a new friend to the place interesting, cause you can show off your knowledge of the secret menu.

  5. Cap Reply

    ja. search for the secret menu online. they’re always interesting.. and some are a bit on the disgusting side too (as in, that’s way too much food).

    I like how in-n-out post from blogs always bring out comments like these.


  6. Craig Reply

    In n out Is now starting at $10.00 a hour up to $15.00 a hour. And still has dental,healthcare, death insurance, and a 401k and profit sharing plan. Tell me one fast food joint that offers that. And yes they are christian owned. Plus many other bonuses. Like company picnic’s for every one not just one day picnics two day picnics so that everyone can come to the party. Free meal every shift you work. Shoot the first week I started workign there the store got a safety award for working safely for 6 months everyone not just a few people everyone in the store got $25.00 Gift checks from american express. This company cares about it’s employee’s and there well being. I was told In n out does not open new stores to make more money but for the benefit of there employee’s offering new positions along with growth in the company. In N Out is by far the best company I have ever worked for so far dont think I will find a company that will top this one.