Your Momma

November 27, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

By far, THE best consultant and/or advisor that you could ever ask for is right under your nose, Mommy. Mom is the best source of advice and opinoins; the best part is, it’s absolutely FREE!

Moms have that weird power of somehow almost always being correct about things. I’d give odds of about 9:10 of mothers begin correct. I swear if the weather outside is sunny and clear and mom says it’ll rain, it will pour down and soak you to your bones. If you have an idea for a business and your mom does not get it then you should probably not go forward with it. While explaining my mom Facebook she noted “why didn’t she think of that”, I figured my new company has a positive outlook.

What is it that makes us innately want to get our mothers approval? From childhood I remember having to have my mom’s apporval for everything; her seal of “mom-ness”.


I think it’s that your mothers happiness and respect for watever you’re doing is as good as gold. When I finish a huge paper I always feel so much better when I’ve shown it to my mom and she tells me “Wow, that was really great.” It’s just a whole other world when your mom give you the thumbs up. So I think it’s that, that satisfaction we get when our mothers our proud of us, we want to show them everything we do so that they can give us that kiss on the cheek and tell us we’re amazing.

Don’t ever be afraid or hesitate to ask your mother for advice. The worst thing you could do is pass up a great advice opportunity. AND what’s the worst that could happen? Your mom maybe won’t like it and she’ll still give you words of encouragement, advice and a big mommy hug.

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6 responses to “Your Momma

  1. ~Dawn Reply

    I would never go to my mother, she is one of the most negative people, seeing only the downside to things and bringing up the past on why it won’t work for you.

    Until I moved out of the house did my entrepreneur spirit grow- and even then it needed a lot of watering and sunlight!

  2. Rishi Khaitan Reply

    You momma’s boy! j/k.. I often use my Mom as a litmus test. Sometimes her brutal honesty is surprising since I sort of expect her to butter things up for me. She’s also not the greatest Web user so if she “gets” it, then I know I have a winner.