Noah’s stupid $500 sponsorship challenge

November 25, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

After stuffing myself with turkey, artichoke dip and lots of alcohol I decided it was time to be giving. Yes its not hanukkah, christmas or kwanza just yet but screw it, I will start the holidays early. so what’s the deal:


I am going to give someone with a great business idea $500 to pursue that idea.


1- Submissions are due by December 15th, 2005. Winner announced December 25th, 2005.
2- You can email me a 1 sentence idea or a thesis, anything is fine.
3- If you get your friend to do it and I fund them you will get $50

Email me givemenoahsmoney at , This is NOT a joke.

I have received a few questions and here are a few answers:

1- Why are you doing this? Tons of people have great ideas and I want to support them in making it happen.
2- What do you expect from the people you decide to fund? Make a cool company that becomes successful.
3- I don’t understand this concept is so foreign to me? You email me your idea that YOU want to pursue. I give you money to help you get started. simple, i thought:)
4- What do you get out of this? Entertainment, publicity and possibly a part of something great.

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6 responses to “Noah’s stupid $500 sponsorship challenge

  1. Deon Reply

    This is a great idea, when I think $500, I get ZAR 3000, which is enough to get most things into at least a starting point, unless you thinking about buying and selling cars, property or something “bigger”.

    I like this idea, I play a variant of it myself, its like playing “angel” this one…. change the terms and then you playing “mini” Venture Capitalist and getting into contact with the fun space of business. The young and the restless start up bunch.

    They actually do without thinking, they actually make things happen, there are no meetings, memos, and considerations…. The small space is about getting done and getting enough to get fed at the end of the month! Survival of the fittest, Darwin… gotta love it when things are on the line and the difference a deal makes is either eating or not.

    Its Game Time 🙂

  2. Alvin Eisom Reply

    I have tried lots of ideas sent to me and almost went bankrupt.
    So I had to seek help with that legal situation. Now I work with this company. Look into it, the future for protection.

  3. MC Reply

    Well… I actually got one idea today and I am not sure that is applicable to where you live…Funny I saw this site tonight. Anyway, I come from Sarajevo, Bosnia. 10 years after the war and things are moving forward… I never wanted to leave Bosnia really and believe that if you want to work and if you have an idea, there are the possibilities… I already have a good job. However, what do you think about the following: BiH has three airports that operate quite ok — all publicly owned. So far, there is no private agency that could rent small jets for business and private trips in Europe. I am not talking about buying and renting jets, but leasing with the agencies in Croatia, Slovenia and SCG, who have jets, and intermediate. If interested, please write and I will write more.