Post Entrepreneur27 Conference Wrap-Up

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154. That is the # of people who attended the first annual Entrepreneur27 Tech Conference. Earlier in the day I was getting bombarded with different emails regarding parking, paying for the event and other administrative questions. I felt great as I saw our registration list grow to 180 people and knew we were going to have a massive turnout.

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It was very hectic arriving and getting all the different things setup within the 30 minutes before the event launch. Most speakers arrived on time and it was great meeting these online celebrities, yea I know it is pathetic but this is what gets my rocks off. Still running around a super long line started to form at 5. We tried to write #s on everyones name tags so we could play a team game by #s but with the size of the room and the fact the registration helpers forgot #s on some people we scrapped that idea quickly.

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The room filled up, people were chatty, food was being delivered to the backroom and Blake still had not arrived. I wasn’t sure if he was a main draw but when he did arrive 10 minutes before the event started I found him to be a very down to earth guy. I got this reaction from most people except they were surprised he hates Disneyworld (he’s from Florida)=)

I quieted everyone down and got them started on how all this idea for the event began. We then allowed the speakers to introduce themselves which worked better than I thought. I was worried we would have some long winded personal live stories of how their parents consummated=). Then we did team trivia game with some movie ticket prizes. I forgot there were lots of computer people in the room who tried searching for answers while I asked (I would have done the same), luckily I got some obscure questions (that might not have been right) but were not super easy to track down.

**answers appear at bottom
1- Who was the fastest person to be a self-made millionaire? Shirley temple
2- Person who made a billion dollars from nothing in the shortest period?
3- How much candy in dollars was sold for Halloween in 2005?
4- What was the fastest growing franchise of 2005?

Tie-Breaker: What stock gained the most (percentage wise) and by how much in history

After around an hour of audience questions, mostly ones that were expected such as how did you get your ideas, how was funding process, tell us about hiring and what were your disappointments to name a few. I was expecting more tougher and relevant questions to people of our age group: did you use school resources to get your projects completed, how many of your partners are from school, how many of you didn’t graduate, what did your parents think of this, etc. But the questions were up to the audience and that is what they wanted to ask. Then gave away more free stuff, allowed announcements by people in the room and opened up the floor for mingling and pizza (I only got to take a bite of Mikes, thanks Mikeï?Š)

I was VERY happy with the turnout and it seemed more impressive in a 80 person room. I learned a TON of things setting this all up and met some really great people that I would like to get to know better.

Media from Event: All pictures are at Filmloop, click here for the photos (yes you have to download an application but there is no spyware and Guy, the sponsor who gave us cool stuff, wanted us to check this service out.

Comments from people and blogs talking about the conference:

Big thank yous to Nany G, Niral D, Alice C, Bases, Angie from yousendit, Dan for driving from Los Angeles, Guy Kawasaki, Filmloop, HFG Consulting (Shivani, Ginny, Zach & Chenchen), all the speakers (Dalton, Ramit, Todd, David, Mike, Blake, Drew & Wendell), CSBA and all the attendees.


– turnout
– general positive comments from most attendees
– lots of giveaways for people to enjoy

– not enough pizza for everyone
– too long of a Q&A period
– lack of depth of questions
– having a more unique format rather than panel with q&a


Next Time
– focus more on questions regarding resources and challenges of being young
– more ways for people to get to know each other
– less speakers and time for follow up questions

**Answers to trivia
1- shirely temple
2- Pierre omidyar, founder of eBay
3- $2.1 billion dollars
4- curves

Tie breaker: 606%($9 to $63), in 1999, now priced at $.35

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