think REALLY BIG: Halloween Candy Sales 2005

October 31, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

I talk to a lot of students/friends who talk about looking for jobs and how tough it is to make money. I talk to entrepreneurs debating which markets to go into, the size, barriers and all these other variables we can argue about for days. Then one night while drinking and playing trivia at a Stanford Bar ( yea thats what they do at bars), we debated how much money is made during Halloween. Some said a few hundred million while I jumped off the moon and said a few billion. They laughed as they sipped their red wines enjoying random trivia about Marilyn Moore. Now the data has come out and over $2.1 BILLION dollars of CANDY, not costumes, decoration or other crap for Halloween but just CANDY was sold this Halloween.

halloween candy sales data

Uh so who cares and what does it mean? First off, Americans are fat asses and need to not buy so much candy and lose weight. Haha, I am really fat so what can I say.

Seriously, it means there is SO much opportunity in America. Not one person, group or company can own that whole $2.1 billion candy market so think about ALL the other markets out there available for the taking. Think about any market and imagine there is some opportunity for you to profit. Now just find what you like and go do it. happy halloween

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3 responses to “think REALLY BIG: Halloween Candy Sales 2005

  1. mayvelous Reply

    Gosh! Halloween alone can make enough damage to your teeth.
    How can they possibly sell that much of candies.

    “Americans are fat asses and need to not buy so much candy and lose weight”

    I think I believe you on that. 😛