Business Idea #6: Cookin It, No Longer A Myth

October 25, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

I was lounging on my couch one night watching Food Network’s TV Show, “Good Eats”, when the thought suddenly hit me. I could really go for a quick and easy meal to make, but unlike Alton Brown (the shows host) I suck at cooking and had about $4 in my pocket. Then I realized the need for a college cooking show that helps college students and young professionals make fun and simple food. As well, I noticed recently there is a huge surge by colleges and young professionals in watching the food network. This would be a combo of Friends + Emeril = Cookin It, cooking for college students.

alton brown

(yes I met him) The show could have a plot for half the show, such as planning for a kegger, late night cramming, hang overs and other important times in a young persons life. And the other half is the simple and fun cooking with lots of comedy. Episodes could include:

  • how to call for a pizza
  • how to use the shower for hot water
  • the George Foreman Grill
  • how to microwave like ron popeil
  • There’s definitely more to college cuisine than top ramen and beer, well hopefully. A light hearted, comical 30 minutes of television where a viewer could get a nice laugh and goods idea will be very refreshing.

    Each segment would have fun little titles:

  • “Drop that Top Ramen and Grab that Grill!”
  • “Dude, it was only on the ground for 4 seconds”
  • “I miss my mommy, making it alone”
  • “The Water Heater: Not Just a Heating Device”
  • I sat back on my couch very satisfied. Alton Brown was finishing his segment on “Olive Stuffed Leg of Lamb” as I was thinking of taking out my trusty Foreman Grill. I smiled, the urban legend of collegiate cuisine can finally be put to an end.

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    2 responses to “Business Idea #6: Cookin It, No Longer A Myth

    1. Nate Reply

      That’s exactly the stuff I want to cover on We’ve shot a couple pilots. Haven’t gotten collegiate yet, but that was the plan. Because we were definitely with you on trying to cook food in the dorm rooms that wasn’t ramen noodles.

      The pilots here are definitely an experiment in the free form let’s see what happens when we cook format, and I generally like the results. There can be a lot of continuous humor , that just isn’t possible on the generally sanitized shows on the food network.

      This site is pretty funny too:

      Got any episodes taped yet?