Business Idea#5: ballseye, aim for perfection

October 22, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

Going along with my previous bathroom post I have had this idea to make urinals/bathrooms much more enjoyable and exciting. Urinals have many problems:

1) Boring: Just standing there and staring at the porcelain after 20+ years gets a little tiring

2) Awkward: Ever been next to a guy and you have to look right at your thing or close your eyes until it is all over?

3) Hygene: On many occassions you will see pee stains on the floor and a bad smell while you are releasing fluids

So how can you fix this critical issue in men’s lives?

The BALLS-eye! The first ever bathroom urinal target. Similar to the fly in the toilet idea. This is just taking it a step further.

1) It would have a bulls-eye target that people would aim for while they are peeing.

2) It would change colors as people get closer to the center

3) It would include a freshner so the bathroom and the user both win

Balls-Eye, aiming for perfection:)

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