Business Idea#4: blinged bathroom, gleaming your porcelain

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DAMN! I just wrote up this whole long ass post and it got deleted. Anyway I was in Palo Alto tonight for dinner at Andale mexican restaurant and while I was peeing in the bathroom I realized it was horribly boring. I would call myself a bathroom afficianado and know what makes an enjoyable experience. I would not have mind reading about a Taco recipe, what is in their burritos or a discount for mentioning something on the wall. bathroom comics

This helped me think of a business opportunity of a bathroom experience consultant. So much of a business is represented in the restroom even though customers only spend a little bit of time in there. It reflects the type of atmosphere and environment and can hopefully leave a positive impression (unless at a bar) about the organization. I would not give advice on bathroom designing but more of the experience and attitude in bars, restaurants and bowling alleys.

For example, while at Google for a job interview the bathroom left a positive memory in my mind:

1) electronic toilets that sprayed water in my butt

2) showers for people wanting to work at random hours

3) the toilets also were heated which was just fun

A suggestion for them could be having a tooth paste dispenser so people can brush there teeth at any time of day.

Some critical things any place can do to make their bathrooms more pleasant:

  • Put magazines or funny comic clips next to the urinals and in the stalls
  • Clean up your bathroom every hour on the hour. The dirty toilets and stains are not appealing
  • Make sure you have toilet seat covers, end of story!
  • So if you want a hip bathroom or someone to test drive your current bathroom email me.

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