Business Idea#3: SNAP, indentured servitude

October 20, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

Not the hottest or most appealing title but I really liked this idea. I was talking to my buddy who is getting married (yes we were crying together) and he was discussing how crazy expensive it was. Then he mentioned he was going to the photographer and I asked how much that cost – $5000.

wedding camera

I could not believe for one day of a work a week plus some time afterwards a person could make that much. I am not a photographer but I do love weddings and I do enjoy making money. Does that mean my idea is just to take photos at wedding and sell them? Of course not that would be boring. So here is what I am thinking:

Sponsor someone from high-school/college to professional. Not just a scholarship but a life-ship. Still unclear? I am saying you recruit a high-school or college student and mold them into a professional photographer:

1- Pay for their schooling to learn photography, $150 class + books
2- Pay for their equipment, $500 for good digital slr camera
3- Help them create the business and marketing materials necessary, $1500 (website, cards, LLC,etc..)

Okay, nothing in life is free. So the sponsor would take a cut of all the profits. I think this is a win-win situation for everyone. The student gets free schooling, a good pay and a fun job. The sponsor gets to have a mentee, passive profit after some initial work and lots of tears/free food from going to weddings. What you think?

Bonus: This life-ship can be done with a variety of jobs for people who need money and a mentor.

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1 reply to “Business Idea#3: SNAP, indentured servitude

  1. Aneel Reply

    Great idea. There’s a scholarship fund out there somewhere that does something like this. They offer to pay for tuition+board for various undergrad/grad degrees based on a contractual agreement that the sponsoree pay them X% of income for X number of years. I’ll try to find the link and pass it along.