Business Idea#1: Cigarette1, the place for A smoke

October 18, 2005 - Get free updates of new posts here

I went camping this weekend and my good friend wanted just a few cigarettes but not a whole pack. So what to do?

I thought of this business awhile ago but I still think it has some potential. Sell cigarettes individually! huh? Yea so you go into the store and its just like a candy store but filled with cancer sticks. I want 3 Marlboro menthols, 2 Camel unfiltered and 1 Davidoff.

This is an interesting model but has some concerns and issues that need to be looked at:


Location: It needs to be in a high traffic area if people are only going to buy 1-5 cigarettes and not whole packs at a low cost

Freshness: If you are having cigarettes out of their packs and out in the open they could go stale

Margins: I would be interested in seeing how much volume needs to happen to make the low margins work


Quitting/Stopping: This is a great store for people who want to cut down or stop smoking. Instead of being committed to all 20 smokes that come in a pack you can just have a few and cut down slowly

Variety: Did you ever want a Virginia Slim and a Marlboro red but not the whole pack. Now you can pick and choose your own custom pack

Price: Why pay $4-5 for a pack when you only want a few smokes at dimes each?

Occasssional Smoker: Ever just want 1 cigarette but you don’t want to waste the rest of the pack? Yes, I know what you mean so you can just buy a few of them and enjoy each at your leisure.

disclaimer: I am not saying this business idea will work or not but it seemed interesting when I thought of it. If you decide to do it throw me a few dollars;)